Brunel Hobbies now purchase or sell on consignment second hand trains, books, plastic kits, etc.

Brunel Hobbies is a Licensed second hand dealer.

Bring your items in for a valuation and either sell them to us or sell on consignment. Ask for John or Mary.

PECO Sale - 10% off


Special on all PECO Products. If you purchase over $300 worth of PECO products in one sale you will receive 10% off.

Backscenes Available

Only $29.95 each.

Bluerink Backscenes

We have printed a new range of backscenes using the latest printing technologies. They have an adhesive back that can be restuck 100s of times. They are printed on a matte surface ing and scraping. They are extreand the image will not fade and is impervious to water, scatchmely robust! They are 1m long and 23cm high. The unique feature of these backscenes is that they can be paired up with other backscenes to produce longer lengths as shown above.

Ballast Speader Code 70 or Code 100. Price $18.

Brunel Models Ballast Spreader

The Brunel Models Ballast Spreader comes in two models - one designed specifically for HO Code 100 track and the other for HO Code 70 track. The grooves that fit over the track are exactly the right size for Code 100/70 rail and minimise excess ballast being left beside the rails. The Ballast Spreader can also be used after the ballast has been laid and glued, to help clear any ballast particles that have been glued to the sides of the rails, particularly on the inside and helps produce smoother running.

Scale Corrugated Iron

Scale Corrugated Iron

Check out our ranch of scale corrugated iron and metal ribbed decking. These come in N, HO, and O scale sizes with various scale sheet widths. They are extremely thin and can be overlayed just like the protype.

Scalextric Slot Cars

Scalextric Digital Racer

Fantastic Scalextric Digital set, giving you the ability to race up to four cars at the same time (two cars are provided). Perform amazing, realistic overtaking and braking manoeuvres, switch lanes at the crossovers or block your opponent in the same lane. Special Price $395 - while stocks last.

NQR On30 wagons available soon

NQR On30 wagons by Haskell

These wagons come in packs of three with varying shades of red and numbers. They wagons have brake rigging detail, painted brake hoses, Kadee couplers and metal wheels.

The packs are: Pack one. Wagon numbers 65, 84, 91. All wagon red. Pack two. Wagon numbers 85, 64, 12. Two wagon red, one faded brown. Pack three. Wagon numbers 10, 26, 123. All lighter brown. Pack four. Wagon numbers 13, 32, 203. All darkerbrown. Pack five. Wagon number 56, 105, 213. Both darker and not not so dark brown. Pack six, seven, eight are painted with no lettering/numbers in any of the colours available. Pack nine. Mixed pack with wagon numbers from other packs 10, 65, 203. One each of all paint versions. Pack 10. Mixed pack. Wagon numbers 26, 84, 213. One of each paint version.

Delivery of the NQRs has been unfortunately delayed but we expect to have the NQRs in stock by Christmas. If you want a particular pack please contact us and pre-order it to avoid disappointment.

Price $179 per pack

Narrow Gauge "Puffing Billy" NAB/NAC Coach Available

NAB/NAC Coach Kit

An NAB/NAC coach kit is now available for just $70.

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Brunel Hobbies eBay Shop

The restrictions on Brunel Hobbies eBay shop have been lifted. We are now listing new items.

In particular we will be able to list paints once again. In the meantime for information on purchasing paint see our new alternative methods of purchasing.

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Note that due to the continuing fluctuations of the $A coupled with increasing manufacturing costs, that prices of some products will rise as we restock.

As a result, although we make every effort to keep prices correct on this website, we cannot guarantee that they are accurate as prices can change every time we reorder an item.

Gift Certificates - A Great Present All Year Round!
Gift Certificates

Brunel Hobbies have a range of Gift Certificates that are ideal for Christmas and Birthdays or for any special occasion! They come in $10, $20, $25, $50 and $100 values. They can also be sent by email.

Gift Certificates

We stock NCE, Digitrax DCC Systems, Controllers and decoders as well as DCC Concepts and TCS decoders.

For NCE see Systems and Throttles, Decoders and Accessories for pricing and information. If you would like a demonstration of NCE DCC please call us and arrange a time. Our starter set the Power Pro is now $280.

For Digitrax see Systems, Throttles and Decoders. If you would like a demonstration of Digitrax DCC please call us and arrange a time.

DCC Concepts

We now stock DCC Concepts - see DCC Concepts Decoders.

RC Vehicles

We have in stock a range of RC Vehicles. We only stock vehicles where spares and repairs are available.

Train Hobby Publications Digital Series - Special $30 each

Each CD contains the complete book as originally published with covers as a pdf.