Solder Flux 1

Used to solder whitemetal and other non-ferrous metals. It will leave a non corrosive residue at temperatures above 250C. The finished joint should be washed or wiped.

Solder Flux 2

Suitable for use with non-freeous metals such as brass, nickel-silver, copper, etc. It will leave corrosive residues that should be washed or wiped thoroughly when the joint is completed.

Solder Flux 3

A non-corrosive flux intended for to be used for soldering joints that cannot be washed. It is not as active as Flux 1 and 2.

Solder Flux 4

Used for soldering stainless steel and other difficult to solder metals. It is very corrosive. Care should be taken when using it. The finished joint should be thoroughly washed.

145C Solder

This solder is ideally suited for detailing (adding small parts to an already completed structure that has been soldered together with a solder of a higher melting point).

188C Solder

Ideal for the construction of etched kits and joining sheet metal.

188C Solder and Flux

This solder contains a non-corrosive flux and can be used for the construction of etched kits and joining sheet metal. It can also be used for elctrical and electronic soldering.

224C Solder

This solder is suited for normal soldering of etched kits and sheet metal but is particularly suited for soldering brass and filling gaps.

243C Solder

This is particulary suited to constructing modules that will later be incorporated into a larger assemply. When soldering these modules into a larger assembly a lower melting point solder should be used (such as 188C).

70C Solder

This solder is no longer available.


Code Description Price A$
BMF1 BMF1 Solder Flux 1 $6.80
BMF2 BMF2 Solder Flux 2 $5.80
BMF3 BMF3 Solder Flux 3 $6.50
BMF4 BMF4 Solder Flux 4 $9.40

Note that Flux 1 and 3 are no longer available from our supplier. These fluxes will be discontinued when stocks are sold out.


Code Description Price A$
SOL145 145 degree solder $6.75
SOL188 188 degree solder $5.00
SOL188F 188 degree solder + flux $6.50
SOL224 224 degree solder $4.75
SOL243 243 degree solder $6.50
SOL070 70 degree solder - NO LONGER AVAILABLE NA

Note that the melting point specified for solder is the point at which it first starts to melt. Normally a higher temperature is required to cause it to flow appropriately for the soldering being undertaken.