Servos and Servo Mounts

The servo mount with servo fitted ready to install.
It is recommended to use piano wire of 0.032" (0.81mm) diameter. Brass wire can be used and has the advantage that it ismuch easier to bend to attach to the arm (see photo). Note that unlike a Tortoise or Cobalt switch motor no "spring" in the wire is required to "cushion" the force on the switch blades.
You need a servo switching device such as the Tam Valley Octopus to control the servo to enable the switch blades to be moved correctly. In our opinion the Tam Valley Octopus is by far the most versitile and cost effective device available.
The servo mount with servo and micro-switch fitted. The micro-switch can be obtained from Jaycar (item No: SM1038). There va series of holes on the side of the servo mount to allow you to place the micro-switch in optimum position with respect the the servo arm. The micro-switch arm can be bent to allow the polarity switchover for the frog to occur in the middle of the point throw. The amount of movement required by the servo to switch the points is dependent on the thickness of the layout board and scenary (ie: distance between point and servo). The less the distance the more servo movement required. If the flexible blade on the micro-switch bends and moves past the server arm then you will need to put a sleeve over the arm to widen it. For instance a section of 5.5mm tube from Evergreen (Part No: 227).

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Servo Mounts

Code Description Image Price A$
BMSM Servo Mount for Micro Servo

This is a servo mount designed for the mini/microM is specifically designed for points/turnouts and for driving semaphore signals. It is intended for use with the Tam Valley Octopus and Frog Juicer or a micro-switch for switching polarity on the frog of a point. The point can be switched with a brass wire as shown in the photo.

Servo Mount for Micro Servo $7.70
BMSMK Servo Mount Kit for Micro Servo

This is a kit to build a servo mount (BHSM above) designed for the mini/micro servo motor which is also available in the shop (not included).

Servo Mount Kit for Micro Servo $5.50


Code Description Image Price A$
BMH305 SG90 9G Micro/Mini Servos

Application: R/C park flyer, helicopter, profile and 3D models. Case size: 24 x 11.5 x 23mm. Weight: 7.5g. Speed: 0.12 sec/60 degree @ 4.8V. Torque: 1.17 kg cm. Voltage: 4.8 - 5.3V DC.

SG90 9G Micro/Mini Servos $5.20

Instructions for the Servo Mount Kit (BMSMK) - download.

Instructions for the Servo Mount (BMSM) - download.