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Maverick Bond 10g

MAVERICK BOND Industrial adhesive is a high quality product of modern chemistry. It represents a sensational development in the field of adhesive technology. It is based on an alpha-Cyanoacrylate ester and utilizes an anaerobic process to form incredible bonds in seconds. MAVERICK BOND is the result of many years of research and professional testing. For manufacturing reasons it is almost impossible to obtain a higher degree of distillation. The main benefits of Maverick bond are; 1. Forms strong bonds within seconds; 2. Unlimited range of adhesive possibilities – on any materials; 3. Excellent shelf life (minimum of 3 years); 4. Fully flexible finish; 5. Clear dry on glass and crystals; 6. Does not attack or damage acrylic plastics such as Perspex; 7. Both UV and waterproof; 8. Temperature tolerant between -70° C to 200° C.


Maverick Bond 20g

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Maverick Bond 50g

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Maverick Filler 20g

A powder to be used in conjunction with the MAVERICK BOND to fill or stem puncture/holes/gaps, build back broken surfaces, give additional strength to joins or act as a sealant. Particularly useful when surface area available is inadequate thus weak on the shear, the MAVERICK FILL will ensure additional strength. Apply MAVERICK FILL of approximately 2-3mm thickness and impregnate thoroughly with MAVERICK BOND. Setting time is a few second, however, allow few minutes if the Fill is to be processes mechanically, tapped or varnished. Commonly referred to as a micro balloon, it is made up of silica, alumna and quartz. Applying Maverick Bond as a hardener, it creates an exothermic reaction to weld the powder components together. Particularly effective and useful in doing plastic mold and fiberglass repairs.MAVERICK FILL is non-toxic, does not damage the environment and can be disposed of together with household wastes. Suitable for all materials.


Maverick Cleaner 20g

Polished, smooth or glazed surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly otherwise and residual dust or contaminants can interfere with the resulting bond. Alternatively, the can be used to clean MAVERICK BOND nozzles, to clean off any excess glue or break the bond in case of mistakes.


Maverick Primer - 10ml

Homopolar synthetics such as Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) without pretreatment cannot be glued permanently with any glue. Other materials, such as Teflon and some polyurethane, also encounter similar difficulties. The surface energy of these polyofines ranges around 30mN/m, which leads to problems in moistening these materials with the glue. In practice, however, it is just these materials that are frequently employed because of their excellent properties. Still, when glued together, the results were not satisfactory or it was not possible at all. Previously, adhesion on such plastics could only be successful done by heat welding. MAVERICK PRIME now offers a practical possibility to gain, by simple means of a high degree of tenacity when gluing homopolar materials with cyanoacrylatic glues. The low-viscous solution is applied to the material and, after the non-polluting dissolvent evaporates in 20-60 seconds, MAVERICK BOND is applied. The joining can be performed by fitting the parts together and exerting pressure for a short moment. After the hardening, which may take between 2 to 6 hours depending on the combination of materials - generally allow a minimum of few hours - you will often gain combined tension and shear resistance of more then 6N/mm.


Maverick Accelerator - 10ml

ACCELERATOR has 2 primary functions. 1. When attempting to glue porous materials - such as porcelain, ceramics, natural woods, terracotta, concrete or leather - the actual surface area available for bonding is fragmented thus limiting surface contact thereby reducing the strength of the bond. The MAVERICK ACCELERATOR acts as a sealant and by increasing the surface contact, allows for better and stronger bonding on porous materials. 2. The anaerobic nature of the MAVERICK BOND requires the absence of air to form bonds. Thus porous materials make such processes difficult - requiring additional drying time. Applying the MAVERICK ACCELERATOR significantly reduce the bonding time on such porous materials. In addition, the MAVERICK ACCELERATOR reduces glue loss resulting from the porous materials absorbing or soaking up the glue. The MAVERICK ACCELERATOR can also be used on non-porous materials. Bonding polished surfaces such as glass, tiles and various metals can be aided by the MAVERICK ACCELERATOR by ensuring a clean non-slippery surface for the adhesive to work on.Apply the MAVERICK ACCELERATOR via the brush tips in the bottle to one side of the material and the MAVERICK BOND on the opposite side. DO NOT apply both products on the same side. In cases whereby 2 different materials are being glued, apply the ACCELERATOR to the more porous material. It is not necessary to apply the Maverick Accelerator on non-porous materials. Porous materials CAN BE glued without the Maverick Accelerator but if so, or for those who do not have the Accelerator, allow more time for the Maverick Bond to form bonds. Where Maverick Accelerator is not available, apply the glue then apply pressure to the area for about 5 seconds. Then allow for it to set for a several minutes before you test the bonding strength – time dependent on the materials involved.


Maverick Aqua

MAVERICK AQUA is used in instances where the surfaces are wet, moist or submerged as the Maverick Bond does require a dry surface to operate. To activate, slice out a piece of the putty as per required, kneed together for approximately a minute until it forms a uniform color to activate. It will remain soft and can be shaped to fit the area required for approximately 30 minutes. Allow setting for 1 hour before testing the results or 24 hours before processing mechanically. Appropriate for use on boats, leaking tanks, pipes, swimming pools and aquariums. Also appropriate for use in gap filling dry surfaces.


Maverick Steel

In some cases, gluing metals may be inappropriate. Metals under friction or where surface contact is insufficient to shear tension applied, welding is more suitable then gluing. MAVERICK STEEL successfully mimics soldering on aluminum or welding on metals without a welder. Especially effective in difficult to reach areas, in avoiding excessive welding and particularly on cast metals and aluminums. To activate, slice out a piece of the putty as per required, kneed together for approximately a minute until it forms a uniform color to activate. It will remain soft and can be shaped to fit the area required for approximately 30 minutes. Allow setting for 1 hour before testing the results or 24 hours before processing mechanically.


Maverick 4 Home Pack

Includes Bond 20ml, Fill 20ml, Clean 20ml, Accelerator 10ml

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