Brunel Hobbies eBay Store

Due to the new conditions imposed on items listed on eBay from the 20 February we have deleted all items in the Brunel Hobbies store (ShoppingBH). We will be relisting the items progressively (in particular the paint) over the next few weeks making them compliant with the new rules and making it easier for our customers to select and purchase.

Can't visit the shop? Why not mail order?

We Specialise in Mail Order within Australia and throughout the World

For details of costs, insurance, payment see How to Buy.

Paypal is still available to our Customers

Paypal is still available as a means of payment for any items or services in the store.

Paint Availability by Mail

Paint is still available for mail order throughout the world and you can still use Paypal to pay.

Just contact us by email or telephone stating the paints you and any other items you require and we will send you a Paypal Invoice.

Credit Card Payments for Purchasing Paint

Use our secure portal to make a credit card payment but please contact us first for paint availability and postage costs.