Brunel Hobbies Secure Payment

Brunel Hobbies has a secure method for sending us your credit or debit card details. This uses a secure payment service based in Australia.

Note that this system does NOT deduct funds directly from your credit or debit card but enables us to access your credit card details through a highly secure process.

A variety of payment methods are supported.

Note that this system does not accept American Express cards directly - for this we apologise. The software is actually running on a secure server and we do not have the ability to modify it. However, if you put your AMEX details (card number, Expiry Date and Cardholder's Name) in the Additional Information box, and then under Payment Details select "Post a Money Order", we will be able to process it.

Instructions for Making a Payment

Please enter a short description of what the payment is for in the box below "Enter Payment Purpose" (eg: Payment for Transfers", Laser Cutting, "Plastic Kits", "tools", etc).

In the next box enter the amount - if you make a mistake it can be corrected later in the payment process. Remember to make sure that you include the decimal point unless the amount is in whole dollars. No "$" sign is required.

The Payment Process

  • You will be first asked for your Billing address and Delivery details - you can choose to make them the same.
  • Next your Billing and Delivery address will be displayed. You can change them at this stage if you have made a mistake.
  • Your payment details will be displayed. You can modify them at this stage if you have made a mistake.
  • You will be then be asked for any comments, special instructions, etc.
  • You will be then be asked to select your payment method and, if required, further information (eg: credit card details).
  • Your order will now be processed and and an Order Confirmation displayed. You can print this for your records. Note that funds will not be deducted from your credit or debit card until your order is despatched. You will be contacted by Brunel Hobbies if we have any queries regarding your order or to confirm postage details and cost.

How Secure is this Service?

This secure payment service is hosted by Ezimerchant - an Australian Company. For further information see their website.

However, for those that are technically minded this secure payment service incorporates industry standard SSL 3.0 data 128 bit encryption using the internationally trusted Comodo certificates. We access their GTS server using the same encryption technology. No customer details are sent by email.