NQR Wagons

Haskell Co have released the Victorian Narrow Gauge NQR wagons in On30. It comes in 3 packs and is priced at $179 (inc GST).

The NQR comes in a 5 different paint colours to match their in service colours. The colours are:

  • VR Wagon Red
  • Faded Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown

Note that the brown shades are very similar and the differences between the shades are quite minimal.

The NQR comes with 15 different wagon numbers. These are: 10, 12, 13, 26, 32, 56, 64, 65, 84, 85, 91, 105, 123, 203, 213.

All packs and indivdual NQRs are available from Brunel Hobbies.

The model features:

  • Injection moulded parts.
  • Metal wheels
  • Different shades of brown/wagon red to match actual colours in service
  • 15 different wagon numbers
  • Coupling release levers
  • Kadee metal couplers.

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Two versions of the NQR.

NQR Wagons

Note that a set of coupling release levers and a brake wheel are included in each pack but not installed on the model (to avoid coming off in shipping and being lost).The coupling release levers were fitted to the wagons after some years in service.

Code Description Price A$
NQR1 On30 NQR Pack One. Wagon numbers 65, 84, 91. All are VR wagon red. $179.00
NQR2 On30 NQR Pack Two.Wagon numbers 85, 64, 12. Two wagon red, one faded brown. $179.00
NQR3 On30 NQR Pack Three.Wagon numbers 10, 26, 123. All faded brown. $179.00
NQR4 On30 NQR Pack Four.Wagon numbers 13, 32, 203. All darker brown. $179.00
NQR5 On30 NQR Pack Five.Wagon number 56, 105, 213. Both faded and darker brown. $179.00
NQR6 On30 NQR Pack Six. Painted with no lettering/numbers in any of the colours available. $179.00
NQR9 On30 NQR Pack Nine. Mixed pack with wagon numbers from other packs 10, 65, 203. One each of wagon red, faded brown and darker brown. $179.00
NQR10 On30 NQR Pack Ten. Mixed pack with wagon numbers from other packs 26, 84, 213. One each paint version. $179.00