Trackrite is a track underlay system for HO/OO, N, On30, HOn and HOm Gauge Track. This track underlay is made from a very good quality weatherproof foam and is resistant to UV light decay (making it suitable for inside or outside layouts). It is not effected by solvents, glues, oil, etc, which makes it ideal for model railway use. It also deadens the annoying "drum board" noise of passing trains due to its foam texture. Trackrite is manufactured in Australia.

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Track Underlay

Code Description Price A$
H505A1 Trackrite 10m pack - HO/OO bevel/be $27.50
H505A Trackrite Underlay - HO/OO Bevel/be $14.75
H505F Trackrite Underlay - point filler 5 $14.75
F05104 Flat sheet 0.5m x 1.0m x 4mm $17.25
N304A Trackrite Underlay - N bevel/bevel $13.75
ON555A Trackrite Underlay - On30 bevel/bev $14.55
H505B HO Track Underlay $14.75
K354A HOn21/2 Underlay $11.60
F4051 Rubber mat 4mmx0.5mx1.0m $19.50
H505D Trackrite Underlay HO Plain $12.85
M455A Trackrite Underlay HOm Bevel $13.00
F4101 Flat Sheet 4mm x 1.0m x 1m $31.40
F3051 Flat Sheet 3mm x 1.0m x 1m $15.00

Trackrite is available in the following profiles.

Trackrite Underlay