Steam Engines

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D5 Sream Engine Kit

D366 Steamroller

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SteamEngines & Accessories

Code Description Price A$
W00003 D3 Upright Steam Engine $165.00
W00005 D5 Steam Engine Kit $208.85
W00006 D6 Basic Steam Engine - 135cc $211.20
W00009 D9 Steam Engine - 155cc Kit $385.00
W00010 D10 Steam Engine - 155cc $420.00
W00825 Flexible Belts 2.5 x 260mm $2.30
W00827 Flexible Belts 2.5 x 500mm $3.00
W00860 M86 Blacksmith $64.20
W00940 M94 Woodcutter Figurine $64.20
W01020 Z81 Esbit Dry Spirit Tablets $8.60
W00363 Remote Control Supplement Z362 $31.80