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Paint - Acrylic Sets

Code Description Image Price A$
LC-XS06 LC British Railway Set $30.55
LC-CS16 LC British WWII Middle East Tank $30.85
LC-CS22 LC Camouflage Set Axis Tank Interiors $31.00
LC-CS09 LC Camouflage Set Kriegsmarine $30.55
LC-CS23 LC Camouflage Set Soviet WWII Army $31.00
LC-CS24 LC Camouflage Set US Navy WWII Set 1 $31.00
LC-CS25 LC Camouflage Set US Navy WWII Set 2 $31.00
LC-MS07 LC Debris and Rubble 1 - North Europe Village $12.20
LC-MS08 LC Debris and Rubble 2 -Southern Europe Village $12.20
LC-CS10 LC Dust And Rust Diorama Set $31.00
LC-CS13 LC Flesh Paint Set $30.85
LC-CS03 LC German Tank WWII set 2 $31.00
LC-CS01 LC German Tank WWII Set1 $31.00
LC-CS04 LC German Uniforms WWII Set 1 $31.00
LC-CS05 LC German Uniforms WWII Set 2 $31.00
LC-CS06 LC German WWII Luftwaffe Set 1 $31.00
LC-CS07 LC German WWII Luftwaffe Set 2 $31.00
LC-CS12 LC German WWII Navy Set 2 $30.55
LC-DCS01 LC German WWII Vehicles Complete Set No Image Available $54.80
LC-SPG01 LC Israeli Army Pigment and Color Set

Special Pigments PG101 Golan dark Earth PG102 Sinai Sand PG103 Lebanon Dust Authentic Acrylic Colours UA 901 IDF Sandgrey 1 UA 902 IDF Sandgrey 2 UA 903 IDF Green 

LC-CS15 LC Italian WWII Navy $31.00
LC-CS14 LC Italian WWII Uniforms $31.00
LC-CS19 LC Italian Airforce Set $31.00
LC-CS08 LC Italian WWII Army $30.85
LC-MS05 LC Leaking and Stains - grease dirty grease and exhaust oil $12.20
LC-CS02 LC NATO M.E.R.D.C $31.00
LC-XS05 LC Polish WWII Army Set $31.00
LC-XS01 LC RAAF Set 1 $31.00
LC-XS02 LC RAAF Set 2 $31.00
LC-CS21 LC Rail Weathering Diorama Set $31.00
LC-MS06 LC Royal Airforce Battle of Britain Aircraft Colours $12.20
LC-SPG03 LC Rust How Reproducing and Painting Set

Special Pigments PG107 Eroding burned rust PG108 Oxidation State PG109 Weathering Marks Acrylic Colours UA907 Burned Rust UA 908 Corroded Rust UA909 Streaking Rust

LC-MS04 LC Soviet AFV 4BO Green Contrast Set $12.20
LC-DCS03 LC Tensocrom full set No Image Available $54.80
LC-SPG02 LC Tracks Painting and Weathering Paint Set

Special Pigments PG110 Reflecting Agent PG105 Dry Dust PG106 Damp Dust Acrylic Colors UA904 Rubber Track UA905 Intermediate Wear UA906 Old Track 

LC-CS17 LC US Army WWII UNI set 1 $31.00
LC-CS18 LC US Army WWII UNI set 2 $30.85
LC-CS11 LC US Olive Drab Set $31.00
LC-CS20 LC Weathered Wood Set $31.00
LC-TSC01 LC Weathering Set 1 $26.00
LC-TSC02 LC Weathering Set 2 $26.00