Hobby Files

These are made from best quality Bohemian crystal and are extremely hard.
These produce an extremely smooth finish on polyurethane, styrene, wood, brass, etc! Unlike metal files they can be washed with detergent and warm water or even put in the dishwasher!
Each hobby file comes in a plastic holder.
This is the large pointed plain hobby file which is 135mm long, 12mm wide and 2mm thick.

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Hobby Files - Large

Code Description Price A$
BMHFLPP Hobby File - Large plain pointed $12.60
BMHFLPR Hobby File - Large plain round $12.60
BMHFLCP Hobby File - Large colour pointed $13.65
BMHFLCR Hobby File - Large colour round $13.65

Hobby Files - Small

Code Description Price A$
BMHFSPP Hobby File - Small plain pointed $8.45
BMHFSPR Hobby File - Small plain round $8.45
BMHFSCP Hobby File - Small colour pointed $9.45
BMHFSCR Glass File - Small colour round $9.45