Revell - "The Big One" - Only $110

Specifications: Length 620 mm; Width 110 mm; Height 250 mm; Rotor Span 530 mm; Weight 526 g; Charging time 180 min; Flying time about 10 min; controller range 50m (approx 160ft); for indoor and outdoor flying; ready-to-fly 40 MHz-XXL-Helicopter; Sturdy aerodynamic aluminium fuselage;Realistic left/right, forward/backward and up/down controls; Coaxial rotor system with integrated gyro system; LED navigation lights; Built-in rechargeable 7,4V 1300mAh LiPo battery; 3-channel transmitter incl. trim function for fine tuning, speed control "Quick and Slow" and "Power On" LEDs; Easy battery charging with convenient AC charger (included); Set of spare rotor blades included; Controller requires 8x 1,5V AA batteries (not included); spare parts available.

The Revell Hornet helipopter features a coaxial rotor system with electronic gyro. It has a 3-Channel infrared controller with a trim function. It requires 6 x 1.5V AA batteries for the controller ( included) while the helicopter has 3.7V (140 mAh) rechargeable LiPo battery installed in the body. The helicopter battery is recharged from the controller. The helicopter has a number of ultrabright LEDs incorpoarted in the body. Replacement rotor blades are included.

Micro M2 Twister Pro 3 Channel

Army Twister Medevac

Army Twister Medevac Lights

Syma Chinook Mini Helicopter

Revell Huey Helicopter

Revell "The Big One"

Syma UH-60 Black Hawk RC Helicopter

Syma S013 UH-60 Black Hawk

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RC Helicopters

Code Description Manufacturer Price A$
NIN-NE9822600 Wild Wasp Nine Eagles $37.15
NIN-NE208A Kestral 500 Twin Rotor Helicopter Nine Eagles $269.00
NIN-NE209A EP Helicopter Swordfish Twin Rotor Nine Eagles $269.00
8017 Lie Bro Mini Flying Helicopter Superfly $41.25
780 Black Hawk Mini Flying Helicopter Superfly $41.50
QS700 Winged Insect Superfly $36.00
NIN-16060 R/C heli Police Nine Eagles $36.30
NIN-16067 R/C heli Raider Blue Nine Eagles $30.00
NIN-NE106A EP Heli M1 Eagle Explorer Nine Eagles $265.00
NIN-NE210A EP Heli M1/2 Free Spirit Red Nine Eagles $180.00
NIN-NE210B EP Heli M1/2 Free Spirit Green Nine Eagles $180.00
NIN-NE210C EP Heli M1/2 Solo Micro Twin Nine Eagles $180.00
NIN-NE220A EP Heli M1 Free Spirit Sng Rotor Nine Eagles $281.00
SYM-S012 AH-64 Apache Micro RC Helicopter Syma $34.00
SYM-S026 Chinook Micro RC Helicopter Syma $51.00
SYM-S013 UH-60 Black Hawk RC Helicopter Syma $34.00
3835 Wild Wheels Helicopter Sky Shadow $80.00
RCTWISTER Army Twister Medevac Medevac $180.00
TWMM1PRO M2 Twister 3 ch Helicopter Syma $44.00
ERC2060 E-RC Micro Spitfire RTF 2.4GHZ Model Engines $118.50
CXARMYHAWK Australian Army Hawk RC Helicopter Syma $182.00
S029 Heli Max Helicopter Syma $45.00
SYM-S006 S006 Alloy Shark RC Helicopter Syma $116.00
94-24071 Revell Helicopter Huey Revell $241.50
94-24056 Revell HelicopterThe Big One Revell $110.00
NIN-NE260B EP HELI M1+2 Solo Pro Yello Nine Eagles $188.30
NIN-NE312A Ep Heli M1+2 Bravo 111 Micro T Nine Eagles $143.50
NIN-NE771A Xtra 300 2.4G 4CH 0.5mW Nine Eagles $184.70
94-24036 Micro Helicopter Hornet Revell $40.00
CXHELICAM Twister Police Helicam incl Video Camera Lights Twister $230.00
CXSEAKING Twister Sea King Royal Navy Helicopter Twister $170.00
94-24055 Helicopter RTF L Ray Revell $98.00

RC - Helicopter Parts

Code Description Manufacturer Price A$
16100 Helicopter Tail Rotor $4.95
NIN-NE22014400 Body Set 108 Nine Eagles $28.25
NIN-NE11012900 Screw set 107 +108 Nine Eagles $4.75
NIN-10120901001 Landing Skid mount 209 Swordfish Nine Eagles $9.90
NIN-NE4209003 Landing Skid Set 209 Swordfish Nine Eagles $8.60
S032 Syma S032 blades Syma $22.00
TMP-005 Flybar assembly for Twister Twister $2.60
TMP-007 Rotor Head assembly for Twister Twister $5.20
TMP-019 Rotor Head and blade set assembly for Twister Twister $11.50
94-44081 Revell Connect Buckles 24056 The Big One Revell $4.00
94-44063 Revell Balance Bar The Big One Revell $17.60
TMP-002G Replacement Rotor Blade Set green Twister $5.05
TMP-002R Replacement Rotor Blade Set red Twister $5.05
TMP-002B Replacement Rotor Blade Set blue Twister $5.05
TMP-010 replacement tail rotor for Twister Twister $1.70
94-44316 Revell Huey A blades Revell $12.80
94-44315 Revell Huey B blades Revell $12.80
MOZBLADE Blades for Mosquito Helicopter Syma $4.30
85-1088 SDM Landing Gear w/brace SDM $4.00
SHMB0313HH Super Hero Plastic Blades B $7.60
SHMB0312HH Super Hero Plastic Blades A $7.60
EK1-0572 Esky Canopy Shorting $3.75
EK1-0573 Esky screw sets $5.00
EK1-0574 Esky Landing Skit $6.95
EK1-0314 Esky Stabilizer Set $6.45
EK1-0580 Esky Blue Canopy Cover $10.20
HELBL Helicopter blades $9.65
HCA-Q3304 Propellor EP Regent + Revolt Fly Zone $4.35
GPM-Q4512 Spinner Nylon Red 2" Great Plains $8.25
HCA-Q3276 Propella EP FF P40 Eagle $1.90
GPM-Q4959 Collet prop Adaptor GPM $6.15
GPM-Q4930 Screw set prop Adaptor GPM $6.00
HCA-Q3278 Prop EP FF Spitfire Eagle $1.80
85-12 SDM Canopy - DF + SC SDM $3.50
HCA-Q3277 Propella EP FF ME109 Eagle $1.90
94-44060 Fixed Rotor Plate Set Revell $5.50
94-44061 Revell Blades A+B The Big One Revell $27.35