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OO General Store Kit

OO Level Crossing Kit

OO 060 Drewry Shunter Kit

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Bridges - OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC04 OO Footbridge kit $18.50
DAC03 OO Girder Bridge Kit $20.10

Building Kits - OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC14 OO Booking Hall Kit $14.60
DAC25 OO Country Inn KIT $14.60
DAC21 OO Detatched Bungalow Kit $14.70
DAC07 OO Engine Shed Kit $22.00
DAC19 OO General Store Kit $14.70
DAC18 OO Kiosk & Steps Kit $13.30
DAC32 OO Petrol Service Station Kit $14.20
DAC10 OO Platform Canopy Kit $22.00
DAC13 OO Platform Fittings Kit $13.30
DAC57 OO Semi Detatched House Kit $16.00
DAC31 OO Shop with Flat KIT $14.70
DAC06 OO Signal Box Kit $18.55
DAC20 OO Thatched Cottage KIT $14.70
DAC11 OO Trackside Accessories Kit $13.30
DAC29 OO Village Church Kit $15.70
DAC73 OO Village Stocks Kit $4.80
DAC05 OO Water Tower Kit $16.50
DAB800 OO Water Tower Kit $152.85
DAC16 OO Windmill Kit $21.00

Bus Kit

Code Description Price A$
DAC47 OO Railbus Kit $20.20

Couplers - HO

Code Description Price A$
DAR20 Dapol Couplings pr $1.60

Figures - OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC08 OO Platform Figures Various Types $18.35
DAC02 OO Railway workmen various types $18.50

Freight - Loads HO

Code Description Price A$
DABLOAD1 OO 4 Ass. Loads-Sand-Brick-Grain-Timber $8.80
DABCOAL1 OO 4xCoal loads for 21ft Hopper $8.00
DABCONV4 OO Pkt of 20 Pre Conversion Clips $16.00

Freight - Van HO

Code Description Price A$
DAB079 OO Siphon H BR $22.00

Freight - Wagons OO

Code Description Price A$
DAB686 OO 16T Steel Mineral-Bauxite $22.30
DAB706 OO 16T Steel Mineral-Bauxite Wagon $23.80
DAB701 OO 16T Steel Mineral-BR Bauxite $22.70
DAB712 OO 20T Mineral-GWR 33152 Wagon $28.90
DAB770 OO 20T Steel Mineral Wagon GWR Coal $24.30
DAB698 OO 20T Steel Mineral-Glenhafod $23.95
DAB817 OO 6 Wheel Milk MMB $33.00
DAB709 OO 6 Wheel Milk Unigate Creameries Wagon $29.70
DAB348A OO 7 Plank GWR $26.50
DAB693 OO 7 Plank Joseph Boam & Sand Load $23.10
DAB699 OO 7 Plank Renwick & Wilton Wagon $22.30
DAB842 OO 7 Plank Stockinford Colliery 9 ft w/B Chassis $26.50
DAB710 OO 7 Plank Weathered Sherwood Wagon $24.75
DAB696 OO 8 Plank Chatterley $22.30
DAB705 OO 8 Plank Oxsbourne & Son Weathered Wagon $22.70
DAB689 OO 9 Plank Coop Society $22.95
DAB885 OO Adler and Allan 8 plank $22.30
DAB711 OO Banana Van Geest B882128 Wagon $23.10
DAB636A OO Box Van GWR $24.75
DAB679A OO BR 20T Steel Mineral $25.25
DAB867 OO BR 20T Steel Mineral $24.75
DAB753 OO BR Fruit Wagon Blue $32.30
DAB745 OO BR Fruit Wagon Maroon $32.30
DAB860 OO Bradbury 9ft w/b Chassis $22.70
DAB300 OO Broughton Ltd Wagon $18.50
DAB765 OO Bulk Grain- SG Distilleries Wagon $32.30
DAC40 OO Cement Wagon KIT $14.60
DAB756B OO Dutch Grampus Weathered Wagon $32.00
DAB814 OO F H Silvey 5 Plank Wagon 9ft wheelbase $27.55
DAB584 OO Fruit (MEX) Brown Wagon $27.70
DAB700 OO Gunpower BR Bauxite $22.70
DAB500A OO GWR Cattle Wagon $23.50
DAB737 OO GWR Shirtbutton Fruit D Wagon $50.50
DAB731 OO ICI Rectangular Tank $28.90
DAC45 OO JCB KIT $16.00
DAB684 OO Lime Wagon Thomas & Son $22.30
DAC41 OO Meat van KIT $11.70
DAB763 OO Presflo Cement Wagon $35.55
DAC43 OO Presstwin Wagon KIT $18.50
DAB827 OO Salt Van-Union Salt $26.50
DAB742 OO Taunton Concrete Grampus Wagon $41.15
DAA005 OO Vent van unpainted $18.70
DAB8813 OO5 Plank EA Robinson 9 ft w/B Chassis $26.75

Landscape Kits

Code Description Price A$
DAC23 OO Fences & Gates KIT $11.70
DAC24 OO Telegraph Poles & Accessory KIT $11.70
DA23 OO Fencing $7.00

Locos - Diesel Kit OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC09 OO Deltic Diesel Kit $26.15

Locos - Steam Kit OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC60 OO 060 Drewry Shunter Kit $29.30
DAC48 OO Battle of Britain Biggin Hill KIT $23.40
DAC83 OO Battle of Britain-257 squad Kit $23.40
DAC84 OO Battle of Britain-92 squad KIT $23.40
DAC85 OO Battle of Britain-Fighter Pilot KIT $23.40
DAC59 OO BR Standard Class 4 Mogul Loco Kit $26.25
DAC49 OO Evening Star Kit $23.40
DAC26 OO LMS Pug Kit $21.00
DAC89 OO Prairie Great Western Loco Kit $23.40
DAC62 OO Prairie Loco 2-6-2 Kit $23.40
DAC35 OO Schools Class - Harrow Kit $22.20
DAC88 OO Schools Class-Kings Wimbledon KIT $23.40
DAC87 OO Schools Class-Rugby KIT $26.50
DAC86 OO Schools Class-Shrewsbury KIT $23.40
DAC46 OO Stephensons Rocket Kit $18.50

Plastic Kits - Wagons N

Code Description Price A$
DANB059C N 20T Steel Mineral GW Loco 33153 $30.55
DANB055B N Blue Circle Ferry Wagon 279 7 613 $56.95
DANB049A N Cargo Waggon 279 7 589-9P $56.95
DANB056 N Co-Op Milk London 6 Wheel Milk $41.25
DANB044 N CO-OP Milk Tanker $42.90
DANB033A N Dogfish Bauxite Wagon $34.65
DANB053 N Express Dairy Milk Tank $41.25
DANB036D N Grain Bulk BR 885143 $36.30
DANB036B N Grain Bulk BR 885280 $36.30
DANB061A N Telescopic Hood Wagon 589 9 087 6 $56.95

Plastic Kits - Wagons OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC37 OO 16T Mineral Wagon Kit $14.85
DAC34 OO 20T BP Wagon Kit $14.60
DAC90 OO 20T Regent Tanker Kit $14.60
DAC38 OO Brake Van Kit $14.70
DAC39 OO Cattle Wagon Kit $18.15
DAC36 OO Esso Tank Wagon Kit $17.25
DAC45 OO JCB Kit $17.75
DAC44 OO Lowmac Kit $20.20
DAC42 OO Refrigerator Wagon Kit $14.70


Code Description Price A$
DAC77 OO Pub Sign & Horse Trough $4.80
DAC78 OO Sign Post & Stile $5.40

Scenic Items

Code Description Price A$
DAC27 OO Semi-Detached Houses $15.40

Structures - OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC28 OO Diesel Crane Kit $22.00
DAC30 OO Dockside Crane Kit $22.00
DAC17 OO Signal Gantry Kit $14.70
DAC22 OO Trackside Station Platform $14.70
DAC76 OO War Memorial KIT $4.80

Track Accessories

Code Description Price A$
DACAT1 OO Catenary System Mast - Pack of 10 $24.80

Track Accessories - OO

Code Description Price A$
DAC15 OO Level Crossing Kit $15.45
DATRACK803 Track cleaner Accessory Pack $26.30
DATRACK804 Track cleaner Accessory Pack $12.40


Code Description Price A$
DA203 OO 20T Geo Weaver Wagon $12.00
DAC01 OO Dapol Working Turntable Kit $20.20