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Balsa Wood

Code Description Price A$
MEB3740 Balsa 1.5mm x 100mm x 915mm $3.00
MEB3742 Balsa 3mm x 100mm x 915mm $4.15
MEB3745 Balsa 9.5mm x 100mm x 915mm $8.70
MEB3744 Balsa 6.5mm x 100mm x 915mm $5.25
MEB3743 Balsa 5mm x 100mm x 915mm $5.40
MEB3630 Balsa 1mm x 75mm x 915mm $2.80
MEB3631 Balsa 1.5mm x 75mm x 915mm $2.15
MEB3634 Balsa 5mm x 75mm x 915mm $4.00
MEB3640 Balsa 20mm x 75mm x 915mm $11.75
MEB3678 Balsa 25mm x 25mm x 915mm Orange $7.00
MEB3672 Balsa 5 mm x 5mm x 915mm - Yellow $1.20
MEB3673 Balsa 6.5x6.5mm x 915mm Red $1.25
MEB3675 Balsa 12.5x12.5mm x 915mm Orange $2.75
MEB3671 Balsa 3x3mm x 915mm - Green $0.95
MEB3670 Balsa 2.5mm x 2.5mm x 915mm $0.70
MEB3746 Balsa 12.5mm x 100mm x 915mm $9.85
MEB3501 Balsa 6.5 x 19mm Trail Edge Red $2.95
MEB3502 Balsa 6.5 x 25 mm Trail Edge Yellow $3.45
MEB3504 Balsa 9.5 x 38 mm Trail Edge Pink $4.75
MEB3674 Balsa 9.5x 9.5mm x 915mm Orange. $2.20
MEB3637 Balsa 9.5mm x 75mm x 915mm $6.25
MEB3741 Balsa 2.5mm x 100mm x 915mm $3.25
MEB3695 Balsa 50mm x 50mm x 915mm $17.00
MEB3632 Balsa 2.5mm x 75mm x 915mm $3.50
MEB3633 Balsa 3.0mm x 75mm x 915mm $3.60
MEB3635 Balsa 6.5 x 75mm x 915mm $4.40
MEB3638 Balsa 12.5mm x 75mm x 915mm $7.20
MEB3739 Balsa 1.0mm x 100mm x 915mm $2.95
MEB3506 Balsa 6.5 X 6.5mm Red Leading Edge - available while stock lasts $2.10