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Dioramas and Airfield Sets

Code Description Image Price A$
58-03381 1:72 Forward Command Post

Representing a typica example of a temporary command and communications post on the Western Front in the Second World War, this set will enhance any diorama scene using additional Airfix tanks, figures and aircraft. Includes one figure on motorcycle and one figure occupying house. The base is not included.

1:72 Forward Command Post $17.00
58-03383 1:76 Pontoon Bridge

As the allied armies crossed Europe after the D-Day landings, there was an urgent need to replace the destroyed and damaged bridges to keep up the momentum of the advance. This model represents a typical example of the construction used and will liven up any diorama using Airfix tank and figure models.

1:76 Pontoon Bridge $17.00
58-03380 1:72 Airfield Control Tower

Depicting a common design seen on many Allied bases in the UK, this Control Tower can be used with many other Airfix products to create an exciting World War II diorama.

1:72 Airfield Control Tower $17.00
58-06380 1:32 Strongpoint

Many hours, and sometimes days, were spent by opposing forces in WWII across all fronts in fighting over key strategic buildings. This classic example of one such building can be modelled here and when set into a diorama is a perfect prop for adding 1:32 or 1:35 vehicles or figures.

1:32 Strongpoint $42.75
58-06381 1:32 Desert Outpost

A battle-damaged building perfect for putting with any North African campaign diorama. During the months of fierce fighting in this huge area of the world, buildings like these changed hands many times, and therefore this will work with any Axis or Allied 1:32 or 1:35 models or figures.Base is not included.

1:32 Desert Outpost $42.75
58-05701 1:72 D-Day Gun Emplacement

Gun emplacements along the Atlantic coast of France were seen by the Nazis as a key way to keep any allied invasion at bay. This is a classic design.

1:72 D-Day Gun Emplacement $34.50
58-05702 1:72 D-Day Coastal Defence Ford

Defence forts were a major part of the defence structure built during 1942 and 1943 in readiness for any assault by the allies on the coast of France.

1:72 D-Day Coastal Defence Ford $34.50
58-06382 1:32 Bamboo House

Typical of the many structures and houses found on the Allied push through Burma and South East Asia durring WWII, this bamboo house is the perfect building for any Pacific Theatre diorama.The Bamboo House can be used as a base for Allied or Japanese troops, this dwelling is an accurate representation, which is suitable for use with the Airfix range of 1:32 Figures.

1:32 Bamboo House $42.75
58-06383 1:32 Frontier Checkpoint

Typical of many such checkpoints and bridges on the Western Front in WWII, this set is the perfect accompaniment for any 1:32 D-Day diorama.Featuring both the damaged revetments of a bridge and the barrier with guard house it forms an excellent backdrop. The machine gun tower with search light also offers excellent diorama possibilities, and is suitable for use with the Airfix range of 1:32 Figures.

1:32 Frontier Checkpoint $42.75

Resin Buildings

Code Description Image Price A$
58-75001 1:76 European Ruined Workshop

Workshops are commonly found across much of Europe and many were used as hide-outs even when ruined. This is an example often found in Northern France.

1:76 European Ruined Workshop $32.00
58-75002 1:76 Ruined Cafe French

Cafes are often found in central positions in many European towns, and were often damaged because of this, particularly during operations following D-Day; this design is typical of a French cafe.

1:76 Ruined Cafe French $32.00
58-75004 1:76 European Country Cottage Ruin

Small villages and hamlets were defended as fericiously as anywhere during WWII. This is based on a Dutch Cottage from this period.

1:76 European Country Cottage Ruin $32.00
58-75003 1:76 Ruined European Corner House

Any junction in any town across Europe would be fought over during the capture and recapture in many a campaign and often private houses were found at these points. The one depicted in this version is based ona typical Dutch design.

1:76 Ruined European Corner House $32.00
58-75005 1:76 European Town House

The hard-fought battles across Europe destroyed many a private dwelling, and this model represents a style found in Belgium during WWII.

1:76 European Town House $33.50
58-75006 1:76 European Church Ruin

As most towns across Europe had a church as a centrepiece, they in turn of course became casualties of war themselves. This church is a style found in Belgium.

1:76 European Church Ruin $49.00
58-75007 1:76 European Four Storey Shop

As the Allies battled their way into German towns in 1944 and 1945 many businesses were ruined as the opposing armies fought ferociously from street to street.

1:76 European Four Storey Shop $49.00
58-75008 1:76 European Brewery

Breweries are commonplace in many towns of Northen Europe. This one, based on a German style has suffered servere damage in the onslaught.

1:76 European Brewery $49.00
58-75009 1:48 Afghan Single Storey Dwelling Undecorated Resin Model

A typical single storey hosuse found in Afghanistan used for both living space and storage. The collapsed wall and rubble adds to the diorama possibilities.

1:48 Afghan Single Storey Dwelling Undecorated Resin Model $31.50
58-75010 1:48 Afghan Single Storey House - Undecorated Resin Model

Large single storey buildings with removable roof supports depicting a typical dwelling or storehouse found in Afghanistan. Suitable for all dioramas and war gaming.

1:48 Afghan Single Storey House - Undecorated Resin Model $61.50
58-75013 1:72 Italian Farmhouse

1943 saw the Allies invading what was then still a hostile Italy, and this farmhouse is typical of those found across the south and central parts of the country. The three storeys and steps outside make for plenty of diorama and gaming opportunities.

1:72 Italian Farmhouse $33.00
58-75014 1:72 Italian Townhouse

During the fierce battles in the narrow streets of many Italian towns, buildings like these were bombarded by both sides to try and extract dug-in troops. The layout of this building makes for some inspiring diorama work.

1:72 Italian Townhouse $44.50
58-75015 1:72 Polish Bank

Poland was attacked by Nazi Germany in September 1939, and this invasion sparked the start of World War II. The destruction caused by this and the later Soviet counter offensives during 1944 and 1945 meant many important buildings were ruined. This bank building typifies this destruction.

1:72 Polish Bank $73.00
58-75016 1:72 Czech Restaurant

Czechoslovakia was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938, but it was not until the Soviet forces came streaming across from the east in 1944 and 1945 that massive destruction of cities, towns and villages took place. This restaurant building makes for a perfect focal point for modelling a scene from this period.

1:72 Czech Restaurant $36.50
58-75017 1:72 European City Steps

These city steps enable a huge scope of modelling opportunities to be created, and these steps can be found right across Europe. Great to be used in wargaming scenarios too .1:76, 1:72 and larger scale figures can be used with these.

1:72 European City Steps $49.00
58-75018 1:72 European City Fountain

Fountains are found in their thousands across Europe and can be added to every building in this range to extend the scenes and dioramas further. Adding this to a road scene using Airfix vehicles makes for something different. This model can also be a perfect to add to railway layouts.

1:72 European City Fountain $19.50

Engine Kits

Code Description Image Price A$
58-42509 Internal Combustion Engine 240mm x 220mm

Discover how a combustion engine works by building your very own working model. Using the simplified instructions, piece together over 100 parts to build an engine with movement and lights.This fantastic engine is a marvellous and fun way to learn all about how an internal combustion engine works. First the engine 'starts up' and then it runs 'firing' to show how the combusting fuel and air drives the pistons down to make the crankshaft turn.Batteries Not IncludedBattery Requirements: 3 x AA

Internal Combustion Engine 240mm x 220mm $74.00
58-08870 Maudslay 1827 Paddle Steamer Engine 1:32

Although conceived as early as 1785, the oscillating cylinder engine did not appear until 1827 when Joseph Maudslay unveiled this example. In 1828 this type of engine was fitted to the Thames Paddle Steamer Éndeavour' which plied between London and Richmond.

Maudslay 1827 Paddle  Steamer  Engine 1:32 $51.50
58-20005 1:24 Jet Engine 300mm x 280mm

Discover how a jet engine works by building your very own working model, with spinning turbo fans and a variable speed control. Built as though hanging beneath a wing the Jet Engine's speed can be controlled by the handle built into the base. Using the simplified instructions, piece together over fifty parts to build an engine with movement, lights and sound.Batteries Not IncludedBattery Requirements: 4 x 1.5V C

1:24 Jet Engine 300mm x 280mm $82.50
58-07870 Four Stroke Petrol Engine

This Collectors' Series Model illustrates the principle of the Four Stroke Cycle in an internal combustion engine. These engines first appeared in 1680 and used gunpowder as a fuel, but it was not until 1860 that the first successful gas driven engine appeared. However, it was the German Dr. N.A Otto who made the first practical success of engines operating on the four stroke cycle principle.

Four Stroke Petrol Engine $50.00

Bus Kit

Code Description Image Price A$
58-06443 1:32 Type B Omnibus

This bus was introduced to London in 1910. B-Types were built in Walthamstow and replaced the X-type bus. It had a 34 seat capacity and is often considered to be the first mass-produced bus. At the start of WWI many were used by the British Expeditionary Force to move troops up to the front.

1:32 Type B Omnibus $45.00

Car Kits

Code Description Image Price A$
58-20440 1:12 1930 4.5 Litre Bentley

With its front mounted supercharger, the 4.5 litre Bentley became the quintessential British sports car of the 20's and 30's. It was shaped from the earlier 1-cylinder 3 Litre, but produced substantialy more power with its blown engine. As such, it was a stunning road car and a perfect contender for endurance racing.Due to its dramatic appearences at Le Mans and successes in speed trails at the Brookland circuit, racing and winning became synonymous with Bentley during this period, and few other models capture this image as well as the 4.5 litre Bentley. The number nine car featured in this kit, UU5872, is the original Birkin Team car known as 'Birkin Blower No.2'. This is the car that made a dramatic appearence at the 1930 Le Mans 24 Hour Race.In 1929, Bentley replaced the 4.5 litre and opted to race the higher capacity Speed 6. Three 'Birkin Blowers' were entered to compete alongside the Bentley Speed 6's at the 1930 Le Mans. In the event, only one 'Blower' (Birkin's own No.2 car), started the race.Under Walter Owen Bentley's tactical team management, Birkins role was to draw the Mercedes of Carraciola and Werner into a high speed duel, which he successfully acheived. The Blower lead from the start, swapping the lead with the Mercedes throughout the night, until eventually the German car withdrew with a blown engine. Birkin's success came at a cost, as he had to retire after 20 hours with a bent valve, leaving the two Speed 6's to take 1st and 2nd Places.

1:12 1930 4.5 Litre Bentley $225.00

Car Kits - 1:32 Scale

Code Description Image Price A$
58-03411 1:32 Aston Martin DBR9 Gulf

The Aston Martin DBR9 has proved to be one of the most successful Aston racing cars of all time, achieving class victories at Le Mans, as well as outright wins at various other prestigious GT events. For the 2008 Le Mans 24 hour race, Aston Martin teamed up with Gulf Oils to combine two of the most iconic names in GT Racing.

1:32 Aston Martin DBR9 Gulf $24.50
58-03412 1:32 BMW Mini

Introduced in 2007, the updated MINI Cooper S featured a number of improvements over its predecessor. As well as improved interior space, the new Cooper S also introduced a new engine, now turbo rather than supercharged, that resulted in an output of 184bhp, with the dash to 62mph being covered in 7.0 seconds. Raced across the world, the Cooper S looks set to continue the tradition of fast MINIs.

1:32 BMW Mini $24.50
58-03413 1:32 Ford Fiesta WRC

Developed from the standard Fiesta road car, the Ford Fiesta RS WRC is a bespoke rally car built by M-Sport for the works Ford Rally Team for use in the World Rally Championship. The new WRC regulations for 2011 required a turbocharged 1600cc, a reliable and poweful engine, keeping the flame-spitting character of the WRC cars intact.A number of teams now drive the Fiesta RS WRC in the World Rally Championship and it has scored a number of victories and been competitive with both the works rally team and a number of privateer teams.

1:32 Ford Fiesta WRC $24.50
58-03414 1:32 Mini Countryman WRC

Launched by the MINI WRC team during the 2011 World Rally Championship, the MINI Countryman WRC is the first rally car to bear the MINI label in the top level rallying since the 1960s. Much was made of this historical connection, with press events being undertaken using both the four wheel drive 300bhp 1,600 turbo charged MINI WRC, as well as historical forebear, the 1960s Cooper S.

1:32 Mini Countryman WRC $24.50


Code Description Image Price A$
58-78190 Airfix Catalogue 2014

Since 1952, Airfix has been producing models that generations have built and enjoyed. So many imaginations have been ignited by the detailed accuracy of Airfix model kits. Very few of us will ever have the chance to fly in a Spitfire, Lancaster or Red Arrow Hawk, but by building these brilliant models, anyone from the age of eight can go into another world and, without even realising it, will be picking up loads of skills, such as planning, engineering, painting, history, dexterity and much more. Building Airfix adds a 3-dimensional pastime to anyone's life - and one that will last for an entire lifetime.Of course Airfix isn't just about aircraft; the range includes, ships, cars, tanks, buildings, rockets, and soldier figures in different scales and sizes - in fact something for everyone. There's a huge choice of both kits by themselves as well as Starter Sets and Gift Sets that contain paint, glue and brushes to discover.Airfix's sister brand Humbrol consists of a raft of paint shades, glues and other fabulous accessories to enable the full Airfix experience to be fully enjoyed. So if you're looking for something for you or the youngsters to do, what better introduction could there be to a lifetime of fun.

Airfix Catalogue 2014                                                          $15.50


Code Description Image Price A$
58-11170 1:144 Apollo Saturn V

The Saturn V, developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Cnetre under the direction of Wenrher von Braun, was the largest in a family of liquid-propellant rockets that solved the problem of getting to the Moon. The three stage rocket was taller than a 36 story building and was the largest, most powerful rocket ever built. A total of thirty-two Saturns of all types were launched; with not one failing. Fifteen of these were Vs.With a cluster of five powerful engines in each of the first two stages and using high-performance liquid hydrogen fuel for the upper stages, the Saturn V was one of the great feats of 20th-century engineering. Inside, the rocket contained three million parts in a labyrinth of fuel lines, pumps, gauges, senors, circuits, and switches; each of which had to function reliably.The Saturn V was flight-tested twice without a crew. The first manned Saturn V sent the Apollo 8 astronauts into orbit around the Moon in December 1968. after two more missions to test the lunar landing vehicle, in July 1969 a Saturn V launched the crew of Apollo 11 to the first manned landing on the moon.

1:144 Apollo Saturn V $82.00
58-05172 1:144 Vostok 1

Yuri Gagarin became the first Man in Space on 12th April 1961 on board the Vostok 1 spacecraft. He was launched by a modified ballistic missile, the SS-6, now converted into the A series of launch rockets. The flight, launched from the Tyuratam Cosmodrome, lasted 108 minutes and travelled 25,400 miles (40,900 km). The Vostok capsule was 7.5 feet (2.3m) in diameter and weighed 1,765 lbs (800kg). The A-series of launchers have 20 main engines clustered in fours - four for the main core and four each on four tapered strap-on boosters. The develop a million poinds (453,600 kg) of thrust and are still being used today to launch Soyus and Progress craft to the International Space Station.

1:144 Vostok 1 $33.00
58-06172 1:144 Saturn 1B Apollo 7

Available while stocks last

1:144 Saturn 1B Apollo 7 $43.00
58-11150 1:144 Saturn V Skylab

The Saturn V was developed at NASA's Marshall Spaceflight Centre, Alabama, under the direction of Dr Wernher von Braun. In all 13 were launched, the first 12 carried Apollo spacecraft, both unmanned test vehicles, Apollo 4 and 6, and the manned Apollo 8 through 17. The final flight of a Saturn V rocket carried not an Apollo spacecraft, but the USA's first space station, Skylab.Using the existing first stage, the S-IC, with its five powerful F-1 engines, and the second S-II stage, with its fiveJ-2 engines, the orginal third stage, the S-IVB, was converted into the main workshop of Skylab.Skylab was launched on 14th May 1973. The first crew arrived 25th May 1973, the second crew, 28th July 1973 and the third and last, 16th Novemebner 1973. Skylab was de-orbited and burnt up in the Earths Atmophere 11th July 1979.

1:144 Saturn V Skylab $82.00
58-10170 1:144 Space Shuttle

Available while stocks last

1:144 Space Shuttle $79.25

Science Fiction

Code Description Image Price A$
58-08011 1:72 Stratos A 4 TSR-2 M5 - available while stocks last

In the second millennium the Earth has been exposed to the menace of approaching comets. To prevent the disaster by comet impact, the earth is protected by the TSR.2MS interceptor aircraft from a ground-based "Meteor Sweeper" group. She is lifted off by ZELL (Zero-length launch) like a surface-to-air missile, flying to mid-altitude using two jet engines and rockets equipped under the wings. She locks onto a meteorite and destroys it with a big missile.This is the story of the Stratos 4 series from Japan – this is aircraft based on the TSR2 with added parts for the science-fiction TSR.2MS interceptor. The original TSR-2 model can also be built from this kit and it includes decals for the iconic prototype aircraft from the 1960s.

1:72 Stratos A 4 TSR-2 M5 - available while stocks last $51.50
58-08012 1:72 Stratos 4V2

In the second millennium, after a collision with space debris, Space Station No. 7 has begun to fall from its orbit and will hit the earth within 72 hours.  Whilst the Comet Blaster Group, who were sent to rescue the maintenance engineers left behind in the Space Station, try to escape, the Meteor Sweeper Group continue to climb high into the stratosphere in the Riot Warhead Missile equipped TSR.2MS on a mission to destroy the falling Space Station.  With the Comet Blaster Group be able to escape in time?  Will the Meteor Sweeper Group be able to save the earth from impending peril; This is the exciting story told in STRATOS 4 X.The TSR.2MS is an aircraft used by the meteorite interception group, Meteor Sweeper. The TSR.2MS is launched from the ZELL (Zero Length Launch) mobile launch platform and flies to the stratosphere using RATO (Rocket-Assisted Take-off) rockets, a jet engine and a main rocket located at the base of the vertical tail. The TSR.2MS uses the large missile mounted under its fuselage to intercept meteorites.Included in the kit are parts for the Trident Missile used in standard meteorite interception missions as well as the Riot Warhead Missile introduced in STRATOS 4 X. New decals for aircraft numbers MS1014 and MS1016 which appeared in the OVA Series STRATOS 4 X and STRATOS 4 ADVANCE are also included as well as decals for the original British TSR-2 prototype aircraft from the 1960s.

1:72 Stratos 4V2 $51.50