Weathering Powders and Sticks

Weathering means adding realistic-looking effects to your models, such as sand on tank treads and mud-caked rally car bodies. These new Tamiya Craft Tools offer by far the easiest way to achieve realistic weathering effects. Weathering Master comes in a pocket sized case with 3 colors and special applicator tool. The pen-type Weathering Stick offers up to 5mm of easy-to-apply color by simply twisting the tip.

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Code Description Image Price A$
TAMSWLUB Tamiya Switch Lubricant No Image Available $5.50
TAMCERGREASE Tamiya Ceramic Grease No Image Available $6.00
TAMMOLGREASE Tamiya Molyboenum Grease No Image Available $5.00
T87079 Weathering Set A $12.25
T87080 Weathering Set B $12.25
T87085 Weathering Master C $12.25
T87088 Weathering Master D $13.15
T87098 Weathering Master E $12.25
T87081 Weathering Stick Mud $6.00
T87082 Weathering Stick Snow $6.00
T87083 Weathering Sponge Medium No Image Available $7.00
T87084 Weathering Sponge Fine No Image Available $6.00
T87086 Weathering Stick Sand $6.50
T87087 Weathering Stick L Earth $6.50
T87127 Weathering Master H No Image Available $12.95
T87126 Weathering Master Set G Salmon Caramel Chestnut No Image Available $12.25
T87123 Weathering Master Set F No Image Available $12.95

Texture paints

Code Description Image Price A$
T87108 Tamiya Texture Paint Soil Brown No Image Available $15.00
T87115 Tamiya Texture Paint Pave Grey No Image Available $15.00
T87116 Tamiya Texture Paint Pave L.Grey No Image Available $15.00
T87117 Tamiya Texture Paint Grass Khaki $15.00
T87119 Tamiya Texture Paint Snow $16.25
T87120 Tamiya Texture Paint Powder Snow $16.25
T87122 Tamiya Texture Paint Light Sand 250ml No Image Available $24.45
T87121 Tamiya Texture Paint Dark Earth 250ml No Image Available $24.50