Acrylic Paints

A limited range of the older 23ml acrylic paint bottles are available through our eBay store "Brunel Hobbies Australia".

Paint can be mailed to customers in Australia and throughout the world. Spray cans can be mailed to most locations within Australia but must go by surface mail and will usually take longer for delivery than normal mail. Note we cannot mail spray paint to some locations such as Darwin as they only have air mail.

Note: How close the colour patches are to the actual colour depends on the monitor you are using.

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Paint - Acrylic

Code Description Image Price A$
T81774 XF-74 OliveDrab XF-74 OliveDrab $3.85
T81770 XF-70 Dark Green 2 XF-70 Dark Green 2 $3.85
T81771 XF-71 Cockpit Green IJN XF-71 Cockpit Green IJN $3.85
T81772 XF-72 Brown JGSDF XF-72 Brown JGSDF $3.85
T81775 XF-75 JN Grey XF-75 JN Grey $3.85
T81776 XF-76 Grey green XF-76 Grey green $3.85
T81705 XF-5 Green XF-5 Green $3.85
T81501 X-1 Black Gloss X-1 Black Gloss $3.85
T81502 X-2 White Gloss X-2 White Gloss $3.85
T81503 X-3 Royal Blue Gloss X-3 Royal Blue Gloss $3.85
T81504 X-4 Blue X-4 Blue $3.85
T81505 X-5 Green Gloss X-5 Green Gloss $3.85
T81506 X-6 Orange X-6 Orange $3.85
T81507 X-7 Red X-7 Red $3.85
T81508 X-8 Lemon Yellow X-8 Lemon Yellow $3.85
T81509 X-9 Brown X-9 Brown $3.85
T81510 X-10 Gun Metal X-10 Gun Metal $3.85
T81511 X-11 Chrome Silver X-11 Chrome Silver $3.85
T81512 X-12 Gold Leaf X-12 Gold Leaf $3.85
T81513 X-13 Metallic Blue X-13 Metallic Blue $3.85
T81514 X-14 Sky Blue X-14 Sky Blue $3.85
T81515 X-15 Light Green X-15 Light Green $3.85
T81516 X-16 Purple X-16 Purple $3.85
T81517 X-17 Pink X-17 Pink $3.85
T81518 X-18 Black Semi Gloss X-18 Black Semi Gloss $3.85
T81519 X-19 Smoke X-19 Smoke $3.85
T81522 X-22 Clear X-22 Clear $3.85
T81523 X-23 Clear Blue X-23 Clear Blue $3.85
T81524 X-24 Clear Yellow X-24 Clear Yellow $3.85
T81525 X-25 Clear Green X-25 Clear Green $3.85
T81526 X-26 Clear Orange X-26 Clear Orange $3.85
T81527 X-27 Clear Red X-27 Clear Red $3.85
T81528 X-28 Park Green X-28 Park Green $3.85
T81531 X-31 Titanium Gold X-31 Titanium Gold $3.85
T81532 X-32 Titanium Silver X-32 Titanium Silver $3.85
T81533 X-33 Bronze X-33 Bronze $3.85
T81534 X-34 Metallic Brown X-34 Metallic Brown $3.85
T81701 XF-1 Flat Black XF-1 Flat Black $3.85
T81702 XF-2 Flat White XF-2 Flat White $3.85
T81703 XF-3 Flat Yellow XF-3 Flat Yellow $3.85
T81758 XF-58 Olive Green XF-58 Olive Green $3.85
T81768 XF-68 Nato Brown XF-68 Nato Brown $3.85
T81704 XF-4 Yellow Green XF-4 Yellow Green $3.85
T81706 XF-6 Copper XF-6 Copper $3.85
T81707 XF-7 Flat Red XF-7 Flat Red $3.85
T81708 XF-8 Flat Blue XF-8 Flat Blue $3.85
T81709 XF-9 Hull Red XF-9 Hull Red $3.85
T81710 XF-10 Flat Brown XF-10 Flat Brown $3.85
T81711 XF-11 J. N. Green XF-11 J. N. Green $3.85
T81712 XF-12 J. N. Grey XF-12 J. N. Grey $3.85
T81713 XF-13 J. A. Green XF-13 J. A. Green $3.85
T81714 XF-14 J. N. Grey XF-14 J. N. Grey $3.85
T81715 XF-15 Flat Flesh XF-15 Flat Flesh $3.85
T81716 XF-16 Flat Aluminium XF-16 Flat Aluminium $3.85
T81717 XF-17 Sea Blue XF-17 Sea Blue $3.85
T81718 XF-18 Medium Blue XF-18 Medium Blue $3.85
T81719 XF-19 Sky Grey XF-19 Sky Grey $3.85
T81720 XF-20 Medium Grey XF-20 Medium Grey $3.85
T81721 XF-21 Sky XF-21 Sky $3.85
T81723 XF-23 Light Blue XF-23 Light Blue $3.85
T81724 XF-24 Dark Grey XF-24 Dark Grey $3.85
T81725 XF-25 Light Sea Grey XF-25 Light Sea Grey $3.85
T81726 XF-26 Deep Green XF-26 Deep Green $3.85
T81727 XF-27 Black Green XF-27 Black Green $3.85
T81728 XF-28 Dark Copper XF-28 Dark Copper $3.85
T81749 XF-49 Khaki XF-49 Khaki $3.85
T81750 XF-50 Field Blue XF-50 Field Blue $3.85
T81751 XF-51 Khaki Drab XF-51 Khaki Drab $3.85
T81752 XF-52 Flat Earth XF-52 Flat Earth $3.85
T81753 XF-53 Neutral Grey XF-53 Neutral Grey $3.85
T81754 XF-54 Dark Sea Grey XF-54 Dark Sea Grey $3.85
T81755 XF-55 Deck Tan XF-55 Deck Tan $3.85
T81756 XF-56 Metallic Grey XF-56 Metallic Grey $3.85
T81757 XF-57 Buff XF-57 Buff $3.85
T81759 XF-59 Desert Yellow XF-59 Desert Yellow $3.85
T81760 XF-60 Dark Yellow XF-60 Dark Yellow $3.85
T81761 XF-61 Dark Green XF-61 Dark Green $3.85
T81762 XF-62 Olive Drab XF-62 Olive Drab $3.85
T81763 XF-63 German Grey XF-63 German Grey $3.85
T81764 XF-64 Red Brown XF-64 Red Brown $3.85
T81765 XF-65 Field Grey XF-65 Field Grey $3.85
T81766 XF-66 Light Grey XF-66 Light Grey $3.85
T81767 XF-67 Nato Green XF-67 Nato Green $3.85
T81769 XF-69 Nato Black XF-69 Nato Black $3.85
T81773 XF-73 Dark Green/JDSDF XF-73 Dark Green/JDSDF $3.85
T81778 XF-78 Wood Dek Tan XF-78 Wood Dek Tan $3.85
T81779 XF-79 Lino D Brown XF-79 Lino D Brown $3.85
T81777 XF-77 IJN Grey S XF-77 IJN Grey S $3.85
T81780 XF-80 Royal Light Green XF-80 Royal Light Green $3.85
T81722 XF-22 RLM Grey XF-22 RLM Grey $3.85
T87110 Tamiya Paint Grit Light sand Tamiya Paint Grit Light sand $15.60
T87111 Tamiya Paint Grass Green Tamiya Paint Grass Green $15.60
T87109 Tamiya Paint soil Dark Earth Tamiya Paint soil Dark Earth $15.60
T81782 XF-82 Ocean Gray 2 (RAF) XF-82 Ocean Gray 2 (RAF) $3.85
T81781 XF-81 Dark Green RAF XF-81 Dark Green RAF $3.85
T87114 Tamiya Paint Retarder (Acrylic) 40ml Tamiya Paint Retarder (Acrylic) 40ml                                                                $6.00
T81783 XF-83 Medium Sea Gray 2 (RAF) XF-83 Medium Sea Gray 2 (RAF) $3.85
T81784 XF-84 Dark Iron XF-84 Dark Iron $3.85
T81785 XF-85 Rubber Black XF-85 Rubber Black $3.85
T81786 XF-86 Flat Clear No Image Available $3.85
T81535 X-35 Semi Gloss Clear X-35 Semi Gloss Clear $3.85
T81030 Tamiya X-20A Thinner 46ml size No Image Available $4.50

Paint - Acrylic - Discontinued

Code Description Image Price A$
TAMIYAX9 Tamiya X9 23ml No Image Available $2.15
TAMIYAXF14 Tamiya XF14 23ml No Image Available $3.50
TAMIYAX15 Tamiya X15 23ml No Image Available $2.15
TAMIYAX25 Tamiya X25 23ml No Image Available $2.15
TAMIYAX28 Tamiya X28 23ml No Image Available $2.15
TAMIYAXF11 Tamiya XF11 23ml No Image Available $2.15
TAMIYAXF17 Tamiya XF17 23ml No Image Available $2.15
TAMIYAXF21 Tamiya XF21 23ml No Image Available $2.15
TAMIYAXF27 Tamiya XF27 23ml No Image Available $3.50
TAMIYAXF61 Tamiya XF61 23ml No Image Available $2.15