Express Dairy - R74E.

United Dairies - R74U.

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Freight - Wagon Kits HO

Code Description Price A$
P-R74E HO Tank Wagon Express Dairy $34.50
P-R75D HO Tank Wagon Royal Daylight Petrol $34.50
P-R75S HO Tank Wagon Shell:BP Petrol $34.50
P-R74U HO Tank Wagon United Dairies MILK $34.50

Freight - Wagons HO

Code Description Price A$
PW604 O GWR 10 ton 4 plank wagon $66.20

Freight - Wagons N

Code Description Price A$
P-N135P N Wagon Set of 10 $160.00
P-N76P N Wagon Set of 8 $173.00
P-N100P N Wagons Set of 10 $143.00
P-N40P N Wagons Set of 12 $159.00
P-N40WP N Wagons Set of 12 $159.00
P-N171P N Wagon Set of 14 $287.80
P-N400P N Wagon Set of 12 $191.20