LK32 - Tunnel Portal.

LK11 - Truss Bridge Sides

MS5004 - Gas Lamps

MS5007 - Bus Shelters

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Bridges - HO

Code Description Price A$
P-LK10 HO Girder Bridge Sides $7.45
P-LK11 HO Truss Bridge Sides $7.45
P-LK33 HO Bridge Single Track $17.20
P-LK34 HO Bridge Double Track $18.10

Tunnel Portals - HO

Code Description Price A$
P-LK31 HO Tunnel Portal Single $11.90
P-LK32 HO Tunnel Portal Double $15.70

Bridges - N

Code Description Price A$
P-NB33 N Bridge Sides Single Track $7.50
P-NB31 N Tunnel Mouths for Single Track $7.50
P-NB32 N Tunnel Mouths for Double Track $7.50

Bridges - O

Code Description Price A$
P-LK732 O Stone Tunnel Portal Dbl $27.00
PLK734 O Stone Road Bridge Dbl $31.30

ModelScene - Scenic Items

Code Description Price A$
MS-5055 OO Cycles(4)&Stand (1) $7.10
MS-5004 OO Gas Lamp Posts $9.70
MS-5006 OO Telephone Kiosks $10.00
MS-5040 OO Hoardings Modern $10.00
MS-5027 OO Post & Rail Fences $7.50
MS-5085 OO Fences & Gates $7.50
MS-5080 OO Telegraph Poles $10.60
MS-5182 N Telegraph Poles $7.50
MS-5185 N Lineside Huts $13.60
LETRASET Letraset $2.50
MS-5137 OO Maudsley Bus GWR $21.10


Code Description Price A$
P-PS37 Rock Face $6.45

Scenic Items

Code Description Price A$
PLK25 Platform Seats Green $4.60
LK26 Platform Seats Red $4.40
P-LK45 Flexible Field Fencing $6.00
P-LK46 Set Field Gates $7.30
P-LK35 Yard Crane $24.20
PST290 Straight Platform Brick (2) $8.50
PST296 Platform Ramp Brick (2) $6.65

Structure - ModelScene - 1097

Code Description Price A$
MS-5007 OO Bus Stop & Shelter $10.00

Model Scene - Vehicles

Code Description Price A$
MS-5133 00 Maudsley Bus Western National $22.40
MS-5135 OO Thornycroft PB 4 Ton Lorry Hall $24.40
MS-5136 OO Thornycroft PB 4Ton Lorry GWR $24.40