N Scale Chasis.

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Chassis - N

Code Description Price A$
66-NR121B Peco Brakevan chassis kit 10ft $7.50
66-NR121W Peco 10ft wheelbase steel $7.50
66-NR122BW Peco Brakevan chassis kit 15ft $7.50
P-NR119 Peco 9ft wood chasis kit $8.70
P-NR120 Peco 9ft steel chasis kit $8.70
P-NR121 Peco 10ft steel chasis kit $8.70
P-NR122 Peco 15ft steel type chasis kit $7.50
P-NR122B Peco Brakevan chassis kit 15ft $7.50
P-NR123 Peco 10ft WD type chasis kit $7.50