Peco Insulfrog and Electrofrog Points - the frog is circled.

Note the difference between the frogs indicated by the arrows.

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Insulfrog or Electrofrog -

Which to Choose

The Peco Streamline Insulfrog electrical system is extremely simple, making it particularly simple for the beginner or less experienced modeller.

That said howver, Insulfrogs are very popular among experienced enthusiasts as well.

Wiring instructions are almost unnecessary and, provided locomotives are fitted with sufficient current collectors, and the wheels have correct back to back to back dimensions perfect operation will be achieved.

Insulfrog (Insulated frog)

Insulfrog turnouts incorporate the minimum dead section due to the tapered frog rail design (see illustration on the left).

Each Peco Insulfrog turnout is "switched" so that only the track for which the blades are set is electrically alive*.

*Except OO and N Single and double slips, Gauge 1 and G-45 R/H and L/H turnouts.

Electrofrog (Live frog)

The Peco Streamline Electrofrog system provides maximum continuous electrical pick-up (see illustration on the left) assuring perfect smooth running even at very slow speeds - provided of course, that current collectors and wheels are always kept clean.

A layout using Electrofrog turnouts is slightly more complicated to wire and therefore often suits the more experienced modeller. However, once the basic principle is learned - ie: "current must always fed to the toe of each live frog turnout", the rest is not so very difficult. Like Insulfrog turnouts, all Electrofrog types are "switched" or self isolating, so that the track for which the blades are set is the only road electrically active>

All Peco Streamline turnouts (Electrofrog and Insulfrog) are supplied complete with comprehensive illustrated instructions.