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VR ZLP - This is now in stock.

These were originally built as ZF class between 1961 and 1968. A total of 80 were constructed. They could run on passenger trains as well as goods trains, but were not often seen in passenger service. Originally the sliding doors had double windows but as they were replaced they only had one window fitted - the model depicts the ZLP with the replacement doors. Some had a large toilet window while most had a small toilet window - the model has the small toilet window. They were painted passenger car red until about 1967 when they were painted wagon red progressively over the following years.

Victorian Railways "Flat Top" T Class Diesel Electric Locomotive

The T class diesel electric locomotive played a prominent part in the operations of Victoran Railways (VR) since they were first introduced in 1955. The initial batch of 27 units were based on the EMD G8B model and were known as the Flat Top T. This kit represents this version. Later models were built with a different body configuration.


The Victorian ELX bogie open wagon can be divided into two distinct groups, those with plain sides and those with corrugated sides and doors. This kit is representative of the corrugated type. These were introduced into service between 1964 and 1979. The ELX was a general purpose wagon and was used in a variety of service conditions, both within Victoria and on the Interstate network.

VR B Van

The design of the Victorian Railways B van combined elements of the BP bogie van with the underframe from a 22’ I/IA open wagon. Newport workshops completed a sample, B1, in December 1957, with series production of wagons 2-380 taking place at Bendigo North from September 1958 to June 1961. From this period until the early 1980s the B box vans were a familiar inclusion in most VR goods trains. Most were retired in the period from 1978 through to 1980 and were sold for scrap, although the bodies of many live on as sheds on farms or light industries. A small number were transferred to departmental stock as HD vans.

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Code Description Price A$
OAUSTZLP ZLP Kit - Expected March. $275.00
OAUSTTCKIT T Class Kit. $1,150.00
OAUSTTCRTR T Class RTR. $1,650.00
OAUSTELX ELX Kit $175.00
OAUSTBVAN B Van Kit. $140.00

ELX kit or Ready to Run.

B Van kit - unpainted pre-production wagon.

T Class kit or Ready to Run.