MicroEngineering Structures and Buildings

Detail parts for structures will be found in Detail Parts.

NOTE. Although we have in stock some ME items most will need to be ordered after checking availability. Note also that all prices listed are indicative only as there have been large increases in the price of ME products.

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Building Kits - HO

Code Description Price A$
55-006 HO Petroff Plumbing Supply $28.35
70-604 HO Groger's Grocery $24.60
70-605 HO Small Shed $12.70
55-004 HO Murphy Manufacturing $24.60

Building Kits - N

Code Description Price A$
55-001 N Murphy Manufacturing $22.70
55-002 N Transworld Truck Terminal $24.60
55-003 N Petroff Plumbing Supply $24.60
55-007 N Doyle Distribution Centre $24.60
60-149 N Section House $24.60
60-001 N Modern Engine House $22.70
60-002 N Poor Boy Mine $22.70
65-139 N Gas Station $26.50