By using the simple combination of plugs, sockets and leads a street, factory, village or town can appear to 'come alive' as night falls. For best results it is recommended to paint the inside of buildings black before installing the lights.

R8952 Bulbs

69-R8947 Power Strip

69-R8948 Plugs

69-R8949 Double Socket

69-R8950 Fuses

69-R8951 Extension Wire - 13 metres

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Skale Lighting

Code Description Price A$
69-R8949 Double Socket (Pack of 2) $6.90
69-R8950 Fuses (Pack of 4) $4.95
69-R8952 Bulbs (Pack of 4) $4.95
69-R8947 Power Strip (Pack of 1) $13.90
69-R8951 Extension Wire - 13 metres (Pack of 1) $10.40
69-R8948 Plugs (Pack of 6) $5.20

Instructions for Use of Skale Lighting