Haskell Back Scenes

N, HO and O Scales

These backscenes are now available in the shop.

These backscenes are digitally printed on self-adhesive vinyl - these background scenes are available in a range of sizes to suit all popular scales.

Hill Country


Bonnie Doon



Dry Country A

Dry Country B

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Code Description Price A$
10NA Bonnie Doon Small 180cm x 25cm $34.95
10NB Bonnie Doon Small Reversed 180cm x 25cm $34.95
1NB Hill Country Small Reversed 240cm x 30cm $54.95
2HOB Maindample Large Reversed 250cm x 30cm $54.95
3HOA Barinore Large 260cm x 45cm $79.95
3HOB Barinore Large Reversed Image 260cm x 45cm $79.95
4HOA Brankeet Large 280cm x 40cm $79.95
4HOB Brankeet Large Reversed 280cm x 40cm $79.95
5HOA Brankeet Large 300cm x 45cm $91.95
5HOB Brankeet Large 300cm x 45cm $91.95
6HOB Bonnie Doon Reversed 315cm x 45cm $96.95
8NA Barinore Small 130cm x 22.5cm $25.95
8NB Barinore Small Reversed 130cm x 22.5cm $25.95
9NA Brankeet Small 150cm x 22.5cm $26.95
9NB Brankeet Small Reversed 150cm x 22.5cm $26.95
HLDCAM Dry Country Large 400cm x 40cm $99.95
HLDCAS Dry Country A Small 180cm x 17cm $34.95
HLDCBM Dry Country B Medium 400cm x 40cm $99.95
HLDCBS Dry Country B Medium Reversed 180cm x 17cm $34.95
HLHC Hill Country 240cm x 45cm $79.95