Note that compressors are no longer available from Delta. We are now stocking Artlogic compressors and brushes.

DL 81010 Precision Double Action Airbrush with 22ml paint jar (side mount). Suction feed paint supply. Nozzle Diameter: 0.3mm. Working Pressure: 15-50psi.

DL 81003 Airbrush with Propellant Set. The Delta 81003 Airbrush and propellant set contains everything needed to provide an ideal introduction to airbrushing. Includes a Precision Airbrush with adjustable needle R134a Ozone Friendly Propellant (250 gm) Adjustable Pressure Air Regulator Cap for Propellant Air Hose Pipette Spare 22 ml Glass Jar Instructions For Use

Airbrush Propellant can be mailed to customers in Australia by road except Cairns and the NT.

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Code Description Price A$
DL 81003 Precision Airbrush with Propellant. $29.50
DL 83001 Airbrush Propellant 200g $17.00
DL 81006 High Air Flow Airbrush NA
DL 81007 Double Action Airbrush 7ml cup NA
DL 81005 Precision Double Action Airbrush $50.00
HOL-AB102 Air Brush & Propellant NA
DL 81001 Airbrush NA
DL81008 Double Action Airbrush with 7ml Cup NA
DL 81010 Double Action Airbrush with Jar $65.00
DL 81009 Double Action Airbrush with 7ml Cup NA
DL 81011 Trigger Action Airbrush NA
DL81008A Double Action Airbrush with 7ml Cup needles and hose NA

Airbrush Accessories

Code Description Price A$
DL 81205 Airbrush Cleaning Pot $25.00
DL 81104 Paint Jar with Lid 22cc (3/4 oz) $4.95
DL 81108 Tyre Adaptor for Airbrush $4.95
DL 83002 R134A Airbrush Propellant Can $23.95
DL 81309 Airbrush Needle for 81006 $12.00
DL 81312 Airbrush Needle for 81007 $12.00
DL 81321 Airbrush Needle for 81009 $9.90
DL 81323 Airbrush Needle for 81011 $12.00
DL 81324 Airbrush Nozzle for 81011 airbrush $16.90

Airbrush Fittings

Code Description Price A$
DL 84101 Airhose Fitting - Badger $4.25
DL 84102 Airhose Fitting - Aztek $4.95
DL 84103 Airhose Fitting - Paasche $4.25
DL 81311 Braided Hose $9.30
DL 81304 Air hose for DL81005 Airbrush $9.30
DL 81204 Airbrush Connection Kit $17.70