Easy-to-build commercial, railway and industrial structure kits.

Introduced in 1989, the Cornerstone Series provides a wide range of American-style structure kits. Designed for easy construction with maximum detail, each is complete with plastic parts molded in colors and full instructions; most also include decal signs.

HO Scale McGraw Oil Company

HO & N Scale 2 Stall Engine Shed

HO & N Scale ADM Grain Elevator

HO & N Scale Gas Storage Tank

HO & N Double Track Truss Bridge

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HO Scale Electrical Supply Transformers

Building & Structure Kits - HO

Code Description Price A$
WAL933-3022 HO ADM Grain Elevator $47.30
WAL933-3019 HO Medusa Cement Company $53.40
WAL933-3196 HO Arched Road Bridge $27.20
WAL933-2967 HO Engineering Office $60.00
WAL933-3062 HO Glacier Gravel Co. $60.00
WAL933-2903 HO Modern Coaling Tower $80.10
WAL933-2942 HO Head House $62.30
WAL933-3040 HO Car Shop $66.70
WAL933-2900 HO Modern 3 Stall Roundhouse $93.45
WAL933-2907 HO Gas Storage Tank $73.35
WAL933-2949 HO Train Shed $124.60
WAL933-2934 HO Silver Springs Terminal $56.10
WAL933-2935 HO Grain Surge Bin $49.70
WAL933-3097 HO American Hardware Supply $71.20
WAL933-3012 HO Double Track Truss Bridge $37.30
WAL933-3041 HO Arched Road Bridge $27.20
WAL933-2913 HO McGraw Oil Co $46.70
WAL933-2937 HO Grain Wet&Dry Storage Bins(2) $66.70
WAL933-2954 HO Brick Freight Shed $31.90
WAL933-2932 HO Whitehall Station $41.50
WAL933-2922 HO Wood Coaling Tower $73.35
WAL933-2909 HO Miss Betties Diner $46.70
WAL933-3198 HO Van Dyke farm Windmill (2) $32.40
WAL933-3146 HO Log Unloader $22.00
WAL933-3125 HO Chain Link Fence App 80" 2 Gates $15.00
WAL933-2956 HO Caged Ladders & Safety Cages Etch Brass $28.70
WAL933-3126 HO Transformer $18.70
WAL933-3143 HO Beef Cattle Unpainted(16) $13.40
WAL933-3124 HO Grain Conveyor $22.00
WAL933-2939 HO Platforms & Stairways Etch Brass $28.70
WAL933-3324 HO Redlon Welding Laser Cut Kit $61.45
WAL933-3007 HO 2 Stall Engine Shed $61.70

HO & N Scale Glacier Gravel Company

Building and Structure Kits - N

Code Description Price A$
WAL933-3249 N Scale Blast Furnace $171.50
WAL933-3262 N Coaling Tower $49.50
WAL933-3260 N Modern 3 Stall Roundhouse $60.00
WAL933-3243 N Al's Victory Service $40.00
WAL933-3251 N Valley Growers Assoc $53.40
WAL933-3239 N Sunrise Feed Mill $27.00
WAL933-3240 N Clarkesville Station $39.30
WAL933-3225 N ADM Grain Elevator $49.10
WAL933-3242 N Double Track Truss Bridge $38.50
WAL933-3241 N Glacier Gravel Co $57.70
WAL933-3206 N Storage Tank Structures $30.70
WAL933-3204 N 2 Stall Engine Shed $40.15
WAL933-3265 N Storage Tanks $13.50