Atlas Trainman locomotives both steam and diesel for N, HO and O scales.

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Locos - Diesel HO

Code Description Price A$
ATL-09740 HO GP-40 B & O (Bl/Ylw)#3693 $188.15
ATL-08740 HO S-2 Baltimore & Ohio $118.24
ATL-100110 HO C240 Conrail w Sound $353.75
ATL-08177 HO Master Seabord GE B30-7 Sound $305.00
ATL-09928S HO MP15 Frisco M1P-15 $249.25
ATL-09776 HO MP150C Sound Union Railroad $308.80
ATL-100794 HO HH600/660 Sound Erie #303 $297.75
ATL-100807 HO HH600/660 Sound Relco RE303 $260.00
ATT-100585 HO Tman Plus NRE Genset CSX #1300 $121.00
ATT-100588 HO Tman Plus NRE Genset Norfolk Southern $120.00
ATT-100934 HO Tman GP39-2 BN #2700 $120.00
AT-07950 HO SD-24 DCC Burlington Nthn 6245 $153.00
ATL-09878 HO Dash 8 - 32BWH Locomotive Amtrak Road No 519

Atlas Master Series Locomotive - Gold
Features includes: Sound operates in both DC and DCC mode, Sound Adjusting Magnetic Wand
QSI Sound features Include: (Analog and Digital Modes)
Horn, Diesel Engine, Automatic Cooling Fans, Brake or Flange Squeal, Doppler Shift, Air Brakes, Long/Short Air Release




Locos - Diesel N

Code Description Price A$
ATL-42726 N RS11Pennsylv.(Grn/Gold)Dec.Equip. $181.40
ATL-47804 N GP38-2 Conrail Decoder equipped $174.70
ATL-47808 N GP38-2 UPl Decoder equipped 2005 $174.70
ATL-48865 N Dash 8-40BW BSNF DCC Equipped $174.70
ATL-48866 N Dash 8-40BW BSNF DCC Equipped $174.70
ATL-49243 N SD60M UP (Ylw/Gy/R/w/Ylw)2280 $181.40
ATL-49377 N SD50 CNW (Zito Ylw/Green)7022 $181.40
ATL-49681 N SD35 C&O (Bl/Ylw)Dec.Equip#7420 $174.70
ATL-49688 N SD35 Pennsylv Dec.Equip #6008 $174.70
ATL-50815 N GP9 Santa Fe DCC Equipped $174.70
ATL-50861 N GP9 B & O DCC Equipped $174.70
ATL-52133 N H16-44 Santa Fe #3010 Decoder Equ $188.00
ATL-52534 N MP15DC Burlington Nthn W/Decoder $188.00
ATL-54164 N C-628 Conrail DCC equip #6722 $188.00
ATL-54167 N C-628 Penn Central DCC equip #630 $188.00
ATL-54487 N SD24 Santa Fe DCC Equip $188.00
ATL-40930 N Auto Carrier Union Pacific $52.10
ATL-41604 N 36679 Virginia&Truckee #20 Analog $153.40
ATL-41619 N 36679 Mogul Virg&Truck'Storey'Ana $153.40
ATL-43804 N Coalveyor Bathtub Gondola UFIX Ut $24.20
ATL-46164 N GP35 CP Rail DCC equipped $185.00
ATL-41612 N 2-6-0 Mogul Rio Grande $131.95
ATL-42034 N RS3 Cotton Belt $91.60
ATL-44515 N U25B Union Pacific Decoder Rdy $89.20
ATL-44714 N U25B Conrail Decoder Rdy $89.20
ATL-49678 N SD35 Southern Pacific Decoder Rdy $89.20
ATL-49789 N 823-7 BNSF Low Nose w decoder $140.25
ATL-53498 N GP40 Rio Grande DCC equipped $131.95
ATL-52291 N MP15DC Pittsburgh & Lake Erie $137.20
ATL-48352 N Norfolk & Western GP-9 Ph.2 #724 $126.30
ATL-46194 N GP-35 DCC Equip Southern Pacific $168.95
ATL-47547 N GP30 DCC Ready Rio Grande $130.60
ATL-42101 NRS3 LeHigh Valley 215 $135.30
ATL-42329 NRS4/5 Sante Fe 2100 $135.30
ATL-52575 N MP 15DC Birmingham Southern #370 DCC Equipped $171.80
ATL-4448-28 Atlas Grand Trunk Western Train set N scale $220.00
ATL-42753 N RS11 NYC #8003 DCC Equiped $189.75
ATL-42760 N RS11 SP (Black Widow) DCC Equiped $175.00
ATL-52582 N MP 15DC Lake Erie DCC Equipped $182.65
ATL-52576 N MP 15DC Caltrain DCC Equipped $182.65
ATL-40000210 N C420 Erie Mining #4218 DCC Equipped $182.65
ATL-40000242 N GP50 Rock Island #637 $152.00
ATL-40000287 N B23-7 BNSF #4247 $130.00