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Bridges - HO

Code Description Price A$
MTC0885 Nickel Silver Plate Bridge $10.60
ATL885 Atlas Plate Girder Bridge $8.40
AT-0593 Code 83 18" Through Truss Bridge B1 $45.75
AT-0888 Code 83 18" Through Truss Bridge $45.75
AT-0889 Code 83 18" Through Truss Bridge $44.00
AT-0081 HO 3" Bridge Piers(4) $6.55
ATL883 Warren Truss Bridge Kit Code 100 $10.60
AT-0883 HO Warren Truss Bridge Kit $10.65
AT-0884 HO Deck Bridge Kit $10.60
AT-0885 HO Plate Girder Bridge Kit $10.65

Bridges - N

Code Description Price A$
ATL0080 Atlas N Over N' Under Pier Set $22.75
ATL2547 Atlas N Deck Truss Bridge $7.15
ATL2826 Atlas N Viaduct Kit $7.90
AT-2541 N Pier Set 25pcs $11.75
AT-2826 N Viaduct Kit $8.85


Code Description Price A$
AT-0843 Code 100 buffers (2/pk) $5.50

Building Kits - HO

Code Description Price A$
AT-0750 HO Lumber Yard & Office Kit $20.00
AT-0716 HO Trainman Rural Station $28.75
AT-0717 HO Trainman Interlocking Tower $28.75
AT-0718 HO Trainman Branch Line Station $28.75
AT-0752 HO Substation $37.60
AT-0761 HO Produce Market $34.25
AT-0762 HO Contemporary Diner $34.25
AT-0763 HO Drive Through Bank $34.25
AT-0764 HO Car Wash $34.25
AT-0780 HO Transformers 2 pieces $31.40

Buildings - HO

Code Description Price A$
AT-791 HO Stacked Mill Lumber $7.20

Buildings - N

Code Description Price A$
AT-2840 N Signal Tower $31.75


Code Description Price A$
AT-0776 HO Picket Fence & Gate $7.30
AT-0774 HO Hairpin Style Fence $7.30
AT-0777 HO Rustic Fence & Gate Kit $7.30


Code Description Price A$
AT-0775 HO Telephone Poles 12 set $7.30


Code Description Price A$
ATL704 Atlas HO Signal Tower Kit $13.90
AT-0236 HO Type G Signal Target w PCB $73.35
AT-2236 N Type G Signal Target w PCB $73.35

Station Buildings

Code Description Price A$
ATL2841 Atlas N Suburban Passenger Station $37.90
AT-0703 HO Water Tower Kit $15.80
AT-0704 HO Signal Tower Kit $16.00
AT-0706 HO Passenger Station Kit $20.25
AT-0707 HO Station Platform Kit $9.75
AT-0715 HO Refreshment Stand Kit $11.90
AT-0606 HO Passenger Station $53.90

Structures - HO

Code Description Price A$
ATL760 Atlas HO Roadhouse Restaurant Kit $17.95
ATL705 Atlas HO Telephone Shanty & Pole $7.45
ATL702 Atlas HO Trackside Shanty Kit $10.90
ATL707 Atlas HO Station Platform Kit $8.65
ATL706 Atlas HO Passenger Station Kit $17.95
ATL703 Atlas HO Water Tower Kit $13.90
ATL775 Atlas HO 12 Telephone Poles $6.40
ATL701 Atlas HO Elevated Gate Tower Kit $10.90
ATL715 Atlas HO Refreshment Stand Kit $10.45
ATL720 Atlas HO Maywood Station Kit $37.45
AT-0080 HO47 Piece Over & Under Pier Set $26.10

Structures - N

Code Description Price A$
ATL2840 Atlas N Signal Tower $28.45
ATL2842 Atlas N Passenger Station Platforms $20.95
ATL2801 Atlas N 12 Telephone Poles $3.55