Artesania Latina are no longer in business. However some kits and accessories are still available through wholesalers. Please enquire for availability and price of any item you want.

They produced high quality historic scale model wooden ship kits. All Artesania Latina model ship kits featured plank-on-bulkhead construction, cloth sails, rigging lines, brass fittings, ornamentation, and other details. Many parts are laser cut for accuracy. These magnificent kits include extensive instructions in full color, plans in color, and all of them include full scale rigging diagrams. These wooden ship models are some of the best in the world. Some like HMS Endeavour could take up to 400 hours to finish as they are made from exact plans and replicas of the prototype ships, using wood that is cut from the finest planks and molded to fit exactly.

For the information of our customers some ships have been marked "Discontinued" meaning that they are no longer being produced by Artesania and others as "Check Availability" meaning that there are none available at present in Australia but Artesania is still producing the kit. Please enquire if you interested in a ship as to availability as this can change without notice.

HMS Endeavour

HMS Surprise

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Wooden Boat Kits in Stock as of 25 March 2020

Code Description Image Price A$
ART-20312 Scottish Maid

This sailboat was characterized by a thin and sharp bow (known as Aberdeen) and a large sail.Degree of difficulty: 2Dimensions:L: 670 mmH: 460 mmB: 240 mmScale: 1:50

No Image Available $195.00
ART-20506 RC Marina II Fishing Boat (Not Available)

A Bay of Biscay tuna fishing boat. The waterline of any boat must be defined by the sea on which they will sail. Boats that sail the Bay of Biscay or the Atlantic have a different shape than those that sail gentler seas such as the Mediterranean. This kit is designed for Intermediate Builders.Includes Planked Hull, Fittings, Rigging, Plans and Instructions, and display base.Degree of difficulty: 3Dimensions:L: 610 mmH: 450 mmB: 157 mmScale: 1:50

RC Marina II Fishing Boat (Not Available) $225.00
ART-22180PD Jollie Brise Cutter + Tools

This cutter is famous for the strength of its hull which is due to its unique construction. It was launched in the port of Le Havre in 1913 and still remains afloat as part of the Museum of Exeter. Degree of difficulty: 2 Dimensions: L: 505 mm H: 515 mm B: 103 mm Scale: 1:50.

Jollie Brise Cutter + Tools $170.00
ART-22516 HMS Endeavour 1768

HMS Endeavour was a collier launched in 1765, and three years later in 1768 was purchased by the Royal Navy for a scientific expedition to the south seas under the command of Captain James Cook. On this voyage he explored the South Pacific, New Zealand and the east coast of Australia which he claimed for the Crown in April 1770. The voyage lasted from 1768 to 1771. HMS Endeavour was decommissioned in 1774, returned to the Royal navy as a troop transport in the American Wars and scuttled in a blockade off Rhode Island in 1778. Her wreck has not been found. Scale 1:60. Size 800mm (31 1/2") long and 690mm (27 3/16") tall.

HMS Endeavour 1768 $360.00