Artesania Latina wooden model ship kits are manufactured in China although designed in Spain. They produce high quality historic scale model wooden ship kits. All Artesania Latina model ship kits feature plank-on-bulkhead construction, cloth sails, rigging lines, brass fittings, ornamentation, and other details. Many parts are laser cut for accuracy. These magnificent kits include extensive instructions in full color, plans in color, and all of them include full scale rigging diagrams. These wooden ship models are some of the best in the world. Some like HMS Endeavour could take up to 400 hours to finish as they are made from exact plans and replicas of the prototype ships, using wood that is cut from the finest planks and molded to fit exactly.

For the information of our customers some ships have been marked "Discontinued" meaning that they are no longer being produced by Artesania and others as "Check Availability" meaning that there are none available at present in Australia but Artesania is still producing the kit. Please enquire if you interested in a ship as to availability as this can change without notice.

HMS Endeavour

HMS Surprise

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Wooden Boat Kit

Code Description Image Price A$
ART-18010 San Juan Nepomuceno Jolly Boat 1765 No Image Available $91.50
ART-18020PD Red Dragon Chinese Junk+Tools (Not Available) No Image Available $183.15
ART-18021 Scottish Maid

Scottish Maid $199.00
ART-18022PD San Juan Spanish Galleon + Tools No Image Available $232.50
ART-19001 Longboat Viking 1:75 (Not Available) Longboat Viking 1:75 (Not Available) $118.00
ART-19004 HMS Bounty's Longboat

In April 1789 HMS Bounty left Tahiti and while crossing the Strait of Endeavour, the crew mutinied. Captain Bligh and 18 loyal crew memebers were cast adrift in a cutter (one of the three ships boats). This little cutter used it's mainsail, two jibs and with the help of 4 rowers voyaged 3,600 milesmaking landfall in Timor part of the Dutch East Indies.Degree of difficulty: 1 Dimensions: L: 415 mm H: 363 mm B: 340 mm Scale: 1:25

HMS Bounty's Longboat $114.00
ART-19009 Longboat Cadaques (Not Available)


Longboat Cadaques (Not Available) $97.35
ART-19010 Longboat Saint Malo 1:20 (Not Available)

The Saint Malo design began to be used in France after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1. By then, the Americans had been using this design for some time by the schooners of Massachusetts and Nova Scotia.Degree of difficulty: 1Dimensions:L: 345 mmH: 220 mmB: 90 mmScale: 1:20

Longboat Saint Malo 1:20 (Not Available) $123.90
ART-19015 HMS Endeavour Longboat (Discontinued) HMS Endeavour Longboat (Discontinued) $115.00
ART-19016 RMS Titanic Lifeboat

The RMS Titanic, owned by the White Star Line, was the largest and most luxurious ocean liner of its time. During it's maiden voyage between Southampton and New York, it struck an iceberg and sank on the night of April 15, 1912. Although the Titanic was originally designed to carry 32 lifeboats it onlycarried 20 boats, clearly insufficient for all passengers and crew members. Compounding the dimensions of the tragedy, many of these boats were launched half empty. Degree of difficulty: 1Dimensions:L: 285 mmH: 55 mmB: 95 mmScale: 1:35

RMS Titanic Lifeboat $115.00
ART-19018 New England (Providence) Whaling Cutter

Degree of difficulty: 1Dimensions:L: 310 mmH: 240 mmB: 78 mmScale: 1:25

No Image Available $106.00
ART-20100PD Mare Nostrum + Accessories

The Mare Nostrum is a typical Mediterranean trawler and more specifically the Costa Brava. Easy assembly and beautifully made the Mare Nostrumis an ideal model for beginners.

Mare Nostrum + Accessories $197.80
ART-20312 Scottish Maid

This sailboat was characterized by a thin and sharp bow (known as Aberdeen) and a large sail.Degree of difficulty: 2Dimensions:L: 670 mmH: 460 mmB: 240 mmScale: 1:50

No Image Available $217.00
ART-20506 RC Marina II Fishing Boat (Not Available)

A Bay of Biscay tuna fishing boat. The waterline of any boat must be defined by the sea on which they will sail. Boats that sail the Bay of Biscay or the Atlantic have a different shape than those that sail gentler seas such as the Mediterranean. This kit is designed for Intermediate Builders.Includes Planked Hull, Fittings, Rigging, Plans and Instructions, and display base.Degree of difficulty: 3Dimensions:L: 610 mmH: 450 mmB: 157 mmScale: 1:50

RC Marina II Fishing Boat (Not Available) $255.75
ART-22110PD Swift 1805 +Tools&Plankbender 1/50

The Swift was an early 19th century Virginia pilot boat. Their technical features led to the development of the famous Baltimore class of Clipper ships The model has a length of 533mm, height 457 and a scale of 1:50.  Entry Level.

Swift 1805 +Tools&Plankbender 1/50 $149.50
ART-22135PD Virginia Schooner + Tools

In the early nineteenth century, the United States undertook the construction of small schooner rigged boats, called "schooner" boats gaining maneuverability and elegance. The Virginia was planned in 1819 and was launched the same year.Degree of difficulty: 2Dimensions:L: 540 mmH: 500 mmB: 120 mmScale: 1:41

Virginia Schooner + Tools $149.50
ART-22180PD Jollie Brise Cutter + Tools

This cutter is famous for the strength of its hull which is due to its unique construction. It was launched in the port of Le Havre in 1913 and still remains afloat as part of the Museum of Exeter. Degree of difficulty: 2 Dimensions: L: 505 mm H: 515 mm B: 103 mm Scale: 1:50.

Jollie Brise Cutter + Tools $156.75
ART-22190PD La Cancalaise + Tools (Not Available)

The vessel is noted for its unique shape, the audacity of its rigging and the elegance of its masts and spars.Dimensions are: 650mm×510mm×100mmScale: 1:50

La Cancalaise + Tools (Not Available) $161.00
ART-22400 Mare Nostrum Plus incl Tools (Discontinued)

The Mare Nostrum is a typical Mediterranean trawler from the Costa Brava area.Dimensions are: 280mm×185mm×70mmScale: 1:25

Mare Nostrum Plus incl Tools (Discontinued) $197.80
ART-22410 La Nina 1492 La Nina 1492 $266.00
ART-22411 Santa Maria 1942 Columbus

Christopher Columbus sailed on the Santa Maria (full name La Santa María de la Inmaculada Concepción) in convoy with the La Nina Nina and the La Pinta when he discovered the New World and was wrecked on Haiti in 1492. Scale size 1:65.

No Image Available $209.00
ART-22412 La Pinta 1492 (Not Available) No Image Available $266.00
ART-22417 HMS Supply 1st Fleet (Discontinued)

Built at Le Havre in 1794 as a French corvette named L'Unite which carried 24 x 8lb long guns she was captured in 1796 by the Royal navy and renamed H.M.S. Surprise. She was rearmed and classified as a sixth-rate frigate.She inspired the Aubrey-Maturin series of novels by Patrick O’Brian and featured in the 2003 film Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World.

HMS Supply 1st Fleet (Discontinued) Not Available
ART-22418 Pen Duik


Pen Duik $209.00
ART-22419 Mistral 19th Cent Spanish (Not Available)

This type of quite unique ship carried out works of surveillance between the Iberian Peninsular and the Balearic Islands during the first half of the 19th century, at the same time that it was used to protect maritime trade routes.Scale 1:60Difficulty: 2Length: 780mmHeight: 620mmBeam: 140mm

Mistral 19th Cent Spanish (Not Available) $276.00
ART-22451 Mayflower British Sailing Ship 1620

On the 6th September 1620 the Mayflower carrying the Puritans left Plymouth for America to start a colony in northern Virginia but made landfall in New England. High quality kit features double plank-on-frame construction, high-precision laser-cut wooden parts, brass fittings, rigging line, and pre-sewn sails. Recommended for modelers with previous building experience.Length: 605mmHeight: 500mmWidth: 125mm. Scale 1:64.

Mayflower British Sailing Ship 1620 $213.50
ART-22452 San Francisco II

The most fearsome ships of the Spanish Armada were her galleons, sailing ships that first appeared in the middle of the 16th century and which were for a hundred and fifty years, the warships par excellence. The galleon San Francisco II was one of the most outstanding of its age.Dimensions: 745mm×605mm×330mmScale: 1:90

San Francisco II $260.00
ART-22453 Bluenose II

Bluenose was a Canadian fishing and racing schooner from Nova Scotia built in 1921. She was later commemorated by a replica Bluenose II built in 1963. A celebrated racing ship and hard-working fishing vessel, Bluenose became a provincial icon for Nova Scotia and a symbol of Canada in the 1930s. Scale 1:75; Length: 690 mm, Height: 570 mmDifficulty: 2

Bluenose II $237.00
ART-22516 HMS Endeavour 1768

HMS Endeavour was a collier launched in 1765, and three years later in 1768 was purchased by the Royal Navy for a scientific expedition to the south seas under the command of Captain James Cook. On this voyage he explored the South Pacific, New Zealand and the east coast of Australia which he claimed for the Crown in April 1770. The voyage lasted from 1768 to 1771. HMS Endeavour was decommissioned in 1774, returned to the Royal navy as a troop transport in the American Wars and scuttled in a blockade off Rhode Island in 1778. Her wreck has not been found. Scale 1:60. Size 800mm (31 1/2") long and 690mm (27 3/16") tall.

HMS Endeavour 1768 $320.00
ART-22800 Cutty Sark Clipper Ship

The clipper ship Cutty Sark was built in 1869 at Dumbarton on the Clyde in Scotland. She was assigned to the then very lucrative and competitive tea trade and took part in the famous race to be the first to reach London with the first tea for the season. With the opening of the Suez Canal, the Clippers could not compete with steamships on the China trade and she was moved to the whool trade from Australia to Great Britain until 1895.  She was then sold to a Portuguese company. After more than half a century wandering in Europe and South Africa, was finally bought back to Britain in 1954, restored and displayed to the public in a dry dock, specially designed for her in Greenwich on the Thames near London. The unique elegance of the ship's lines, her incredible speed and the richness of her details have made the Cutty Sark a shipping legend. See <a href=""> Wikipedia</a> for a full account of her history. The model is 1031mm long; 623mm high and 357mm in width. Scale 1:48.

Cutty Sark Clipper Ship $650.00
ART-22810 HMS Bounty - Frigate

HMS Bounty was made famous by the mutiny against Captain William Bligh, after she left Tahiti in 1789. Bounty was a small merchant ship purchased and converted into a naval transport to carry breadfruit to the plantations of the West Indies.The HMS Bounty is well known to all ship enthusiasts from many films and books.It’s a relatively simple boat; a basic merchant ship, rigged as a frigate and equipped for exploration journeys.Kit difficulty: 3Scale 1:48, Length: 980 mm, Height: 763 mm

HMS Bounty - Frigate $700.00
ART-22852 San Francisco 11 + Tools

The most fearsome ships of the Spanish Armada were her galleons, sailing ships that first appeared in the middle of the 16th century and which were for a hundred and fifty years, the warships par excellence. The galleon San Francisco II was one of the most outstanding of its age. Dimensions: 745mm×605mm×330mm Scale: 1:90

San Francisco 11 + Tools $308.95
ART-22900 HMS Victory

HMS Victory was launched on May 7, 1765. HMS Victory took part in the major sea battles of Ushant (1781) and San Vicente (1797). HMS Victory took part in the famous Battle of Trafalgar (off the Spanish coast) on October 21, 1805, where, under the command of Admiral Nelson, the Royal Navy defeated a combined Franco-Spanish fleet and changed the course of history. HMS Victory is now in dry dock in Portsmouth Harbour where it can still be seen and explored.  The model is 1249mm long; 851mm high and 195mm wide. Scale 1:84. Advanced Level.

HMS Victory $800.00
ART-22910 HMS Surprise - Frigate

Built in 1794 in Le Havre, the French frigate l'Unité was captured in 1796 by the Royal Navy who changed its name to HMS Surprise. This ship inspired the magnificent Patrick O'Brian series of novels, set in the Napoleonic Wars, that followed the fortunes of Captain Jack Aubrey and his Doctor come spy companion Steven Maturin. HMS Surprise and co-starred with actor Russell Crowe in the 2003 movie Master and Commander.  The model is 1340mm long; 951mm high and 480 mm wide. Scale is 1:48. Advanced Level.

HMS Surprise - Frigate $950.00