American Beauty Super Chief 250 Resistance Soldering Unit (RSU)

American Beauty offers the most advanced and complete line of resistance soldering systems available anywhere in the world.

Here are just a few of the advantages that you will benefit from with your SC250 RSU:

  • Concentrated heat virtually eliminates the annoying problem of desoldering adjacent joints.
  • Improves Solder Joint Quality - Poor solder joints are often the result of insufficient heat throughout the joint,creating weak spots.
  • Eliminate Thermal Damage - Traditional soldering methods introduce too much heat into surrounding areas damaging critical components and melting white metal or plastic components.
  • Reduce Fatigue and Burns - the light-weight probe cools within seconds and virtually eliminating the burn risk for the user.
  • Solder in Tight Spots - the probe allows easy access to restricted areas.
  • Cut down on Energy Consumption - Instant heat means you're only paying for the electricity you actually use.
  • Save on Maintenance and Consumables - Electrodes last twice as long as soldering tips and don't require constant rewetting.
  • Stop hating your hobby every time you need to solder.

Try American Beauty's SuperChief 250 Resistance Soldering System today, and re-ignite your passion for building brass kits.

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Super Chief 250 RSU
Code Description Price A$
SC250P-220-C Super Chief RSU 220-240V Australia 3 pin plug. Price includes shipping within Australia. Unit comes with foot switch and a single probe as shown above which includes one copper clad carbon rod (3/32"/2.4mm diameter). $599.00