AIM Weathering Products are now produced by Monroe Models.

Note the prices listed will be 20% or more higher due to the fall in the Australian dollar

Brunel Models stock a range of high tech weathering powders from the US. The powders are extremely fine, will actively adhere to most surfaces, are very intense and can be sprayed if mixed with "rubbing" alcohol.

Spill and Stain Kit

New or Used Oil, Anti-Freeze, Hydraulic & Brake Fluid, etc.

Grungy Black, Quick Age, Real Rust Dark and Original Real Rust

These easy-to-use products are compatible with one another. Using them in combination will give models that rundown, dusty, rusty look.

Grungy Grimy Black will make models look dirty and grimy. It's great for engines, running gear, funnels and more.

Quick Age gives buildings and rolling stock an old grey look. Spray on and let dry. Add more coats until desired effect is reached.

How to Create a Weathering Wash

It is possible to create a weathering wash using AIM weathering powders. All you need to do is mix the weathering powder in the ratio of 1 full container of weathering powder to 240ml of Isopropyl Rubbing alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol. You can apply the wash with a brush or a domestic spary bottle (a Windex bottle would do).

You can get Isopropyl alcohol from a chemist or try online and eBay. 

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Weathering Powders

Code Description Image Price A$
110-2901 Mini Weathering Set - 1/4 oz (7.1g) each - Dark Rust, Medium Earth, Grimey Black, Light Rust Mini Weathering Set - 1/4 oz (7.1g) each - Dark Rust, Medium Earth, Grimey Black, Light Rust $18.20
110-2902 Mini Weathering Set - 1/4oz (7.1g) each - Soot Black, Dark Grey, Brick Red, Rusty Brown Mini Weathering Set - 1/4oz (7.1g) each - Soot Black, Dark Grey, Brick Red, Rusty Brown $18.20
110-2903 Mini Weathering Set - 1/4oz (7.1g) each - Sand, Dirty White, Dark Earth, New Fresh Rust Mini Weathering Set - 1/4oz (7.1g) each - Sand, Dirty White, Dark Earth, New Fresh Rust $18.20
110-3100 AIM weathering Set of 8 - 3101 to 3107 & 3110 AIM weathering Set of 8 - 3101 to 3107 & 3110 $108.00
110-3101 Weathering Powder - White Weathering Powder - White $12.70
110-3102 Weathering Powder - Grimey Black Weathering Powder - Grimey Black $12.70
110-3103 Weathering Powder - Medium Earth Weathering Powder - Medium Earth $12.70
110-3104 Weathering Powder - Dirty Yellow Weathering Powder - Dirty Yellow $12.70
110-3105 Weathering Powder - Dark Rust Weathering Powder - Dark Rust $12.70
110-3106 Weathering Powder - Light Rust Weathering Powder - Light Rust $12.70
110-3107 Weathering Powder - Dark Earth Weathering Powder - Dark Earth $12.70
110-3108 Weathering Powder - Medium Rust Weathering Powder - Medium Rust $12.70
110-3109 Weathering Powder - New Fresh Rust Weathering Powder - New Fresh Rust $12.70
110-3110 Weathering Powder - Medium Grey Weathering Powder - Medium Grey $12.70
110-3111 Weathering Powder - Dark Grey Weathering Powder - Dark Grey $12.70
110-3112 Weathering Powder - Brick Red Weathering Powder - Brick Red $12.70
110-3113 Weathering Powder - Dusty Brown Weathering Powder - Dusty Brown $12.70
110-3114 Weathering Powder - dirty White Weathering Powder - dirty White $12.70
110-3115 Weathering Powder - Soot Black Weathering Powder - Soot Black $12.70
110-3116 Weathering Powder - Grubby Green Weathering Powder - Grubby Green $12.70
110-3117 Weathering Powder - Light Grey Weathering Powder - Light Grey $12.70
110-3118 Weathering Powder - Sand Weathering Powder - Sand $12.70
110-3119 Weathering Powder - Rusty Brown Weathering Powder - Rusty Brown $12.70
110-3120 Weathering Powder - Delta Dirt Weathering Powder - Delta Dirt $12.70
110-3121 Weathering Powder - Terra Cotta Weathering Powder - Terra Cotta $12.70
110-3122 Weathering Powder - Dark Buff Weathering Powder - Dark Buff $12.70

Spill and Stain Kits

Code Description Image Price A$
110-3201 Real Rust Dark No Image Available $6.00
110-3202 Original Real Rust No Image Available $6.00
110-3203 Grungy Black No Image Available $6.00
110-3204 Quick Age No Image Available $6.00
110-3301 Spill and Stain Kit No Image Available $21.00
How to use AIM weathering powders.

There are several basic methods and approaches to using AIM powders and we are sure you will probably develop a few of your own. These powders are intended to make rolling stock, buildings, and detail pieces look old, dirty, dusty, rusty, faded, and generally the worse for wear after being exposed to the elements of weather, travel, pollution, and mechanical wear and tear.

These powders aer quite intense so please put some paper under the model you are weathering to catch any excess and reduce chances of making any mess

Rust occurs when steel is exposed to the weather and a chemical reaction called oxidation takes place. The rust may occur as a general overall discolouration on the surface that starts as a lighter more orange colour. As rust itself is exposed to the weather it progressively becomes darker or browner in colour. Therefore, several shades of rust on the same wagon are appropriate. Using a fairly stiff artist's brush or a cosmetic sponge(a small wedge shaped sponge, they come in packs of 30 for about $2.00 or so) scrub some of the rust colour onto the surface, working it into cracks and crevices. Rust will wash down the side of a wagon so put some near the top and draw down the side of the wagon with a bit a powder as if the rust washed down from the effects of rain and gravity. Randomly use a second colour of rust to highlight other areas or put a bit right over some of the previously applied rust. Apply powder to roof walks, door guides, wheels, bogies, etc.

Dust and dirt usually start at the bottom of the wagon and work their way up from wind currents created when moving. Therefore the dust and earthen colours maybe applied near the bottom edge of the wagons and sort of streaked upwards. Concentrate more colour near the ends of the wagon and a bit of dust or dirt on the roof will help dirt up the wagon.

Experiment with the colours, blend different ones together to get new colours, be creative. When you get a wagon to where you want it you may want to seal it with dullcote spray, this will permanently attach the powder and reduce chances of it rubbing off. If you weather a wagon and do not seal it you can remove the powder with a damp cloth and start again.

The same applies to buildings. A bit of black on chimneys, vents, etc. Blend a red colour with a brown to get a dirty brick colour to apply to sides of the buildings.

Experiment with a small amount of powder mixed with a small amount of non-aerosol hairspray (use a cheap superhold hairspray or a non-aerosol pump type hairspray) to make a coloured paste. With a brush stab some paste onto steel grinders and when dry you get a flaky, almost 3-D scaly type of rust.

Have some fun and remember not all wagons are rust buckets. Some wagons may never rust and show only a minimum of dirt and others have much more. Do not forget the insides of gondolas, decks of flatcars, and the tops and sides of covered hoppers. Observe the wagons and buildings you come across and try to make some of your wagons, buildings, engines, and equipment look more like them rather than new from the box. Your friends will be amazed with the improvements and ask "How did you do that?"